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dedicated to my good friend sev, who could probably write literally anything id love it

sneak peak:

       "What are you doing?" I ask, but the slight dip in my voice has already betrayed me. Jason's so close that I can feel his breath on the skin of my cheek. Instead of moving away from me, to ease my anxiety a little, Jason remains firmly in place.

       The room seems so much smaller now, I'm backed up against the bench, the edge digging into my back a little.

       "Sloane, relax," he says simply. "I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to." Except when Jason says that, with his lips in a slight smile, I don't fully believe him.

       "I want you to get away form me," I tell him, but of course I'm lying. The truth is having Jason close to me is nice—more than nice. My heart is beating so hard in my chest that I'm almost afraid he can hear it, but I like how unpredictable everything is when I'm with him.

       "I don't believe you," Jason breathes, his fingers brushing back the hairs that cling to my temple. His fingers are gentle, barely there, but it still sends a zap of electricity through me. Jason was going to be the death of me. I was sure of it. His fingers travel further, past the curve of my cheek before resting on the spot above my pounding pulse. 

       Time is frozen. It no longer exists. 

       Just then the door to the backyard swings open, sending a gust of wind through the kitchen and cutting the moment short. It's Cassidy, her eyes bouncing between Jason, me and the tiny sliver of space that hangs between us. Jason moves back instantly, leaving my entire body cold.

       "Sorry, was I interrupting something?" she asks. Jason clears his throat, fixing his cap on the top of his head.

        "No, not at all," he says simply. I can't stop the disappointment that takes over me at his words and I hate how easily Jason can take me from a high to a low. I fold my arms over my chest in a means to protection before stepping aside and heading towards the safety of my room.

       "Sloane, where are you going?" It's Jason's voice that I hear from behind me, but I can't find it in myself to answer him. Instead I choose to ignore him. 


coming soon (song recs welcome)


       yes, here we go once again with a story where the main lead is black. lmao. what else is new??? i absolutely adore having black female leads because they're unique (and also because im black too so, you know, we love to see it) but for the first time ever im writing an ASIAN love interest. i never see 'black women + asian man' pairings on T.V or in books so i thought, why not? 

       is it really a book by me if im not trying new things and forcing diverse characters and self love down your throats??? so i guess we're going to have to deal with it. 

       also did you know that statistically speaking, asian men and black women are the least desired groups when it comes to dating? despite being the two most educated demographics in north america? which is actually not surprising to me considering the negative stereotypes that surround us. 

       ANYWAY, onto more important things: here ive created a rough poll and questionnaire so i can get a feel of where my readers are at, so please answer if you have some time:

q's and a's

       -   if you're black, put an emoji here. since so many of books center black females, i want to see what effects this has created on my demographics. 

       -   if you're NOT black, put an emoji here and tell me what characters like Davy have taught about the unique experiences of black women. 

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