Chapter Seven: She's Dying Tonight; Midnight

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Chapter Seven: She's Dying Tonight; Midnight

Deva woke up to the sound of commotion outside. It wasn't much of a surprise to her anymore, after what happened yesterday. The idiot guests of the house had finally seen the true side of the virus for themselves; they saw the ugly truth, and now they couldn't take it. Idiots, Deva concluded, getting out of bed and looking out the window. As she'd expected, there was a group of people outside, clothes and food bundled up in various forms of containers. Two people were fighting, and Deva could see Julian out there too. Was he leaving?

Her virus hissed at the suggestion, growling out Forget him. There's other prey in this jungle. Deva shrugged, changing into a fresh change of clothes - some loose work pants and a dress shirt - after having closed the shades. For that day, she put her hair up in a French twist to match her work clothes theme today, adding a pair of glasses. She smiled at herself in the mirror, seeing the girl she'd been two years ago. It felt centuries ago, in all honesty, and she'd changed a lot.

Back then, status was everything, and what she wore was her life. She hadn't been dressing up lately because she'd been so restrained in the house but with less people around - twenty-one less people to be exact - she felt the need to "revive" herself, thought not in the way the zombies had yesterday. With a sigh, Deva stretched out her sore muscles and walked out the door, closing it behind her and locking it with the skeleton key. She looked across from herself, towards Julian's room.

Ever since they'd returned to the mansion, Deva had been sleeping in Orazio's old room. She just couldn't stand being near all those couples, laughing, talking and being so damn ignorant to the bodies that lay just ahead, surrounding the house from below the ground. So damn ignorant.

Clutching at a cross she'd added to her ensemble, Deva took one look at The Room. The room Julian hadn't let her see the last time they'd been to the mansion. The one he'd hidden from her. Curiosity took over, and even her virus was interested in what lay ahead. Looking about herself once, Deva reached for the doorknob and-

"They're trying t leave." The words startled Deva, pulling her and her virus away from the door for that moment. Julian walked up the remaining stairs, not even noticing where Deva's hands had been going. He shook his head, leaning against the wall. "I tried to explain to them... If they didn't go mad after yesterday, why not, you know? But they kept ignoring me. They've decided to leave, and I know it's not going to end up well." Julian let out a long sigh, one that said of the worry he felt towards the people down there. Deva on the other hand, could care less.

That still didn't explain the words that left her lips then. "So what if they want to leave?" She turned on him with sly eyes, and in that moment Deva had the strange sensation of not really being inside of herself... as if she were a marionette being controlled behind the scenes by strings. She watched herself slink forward, her right hand - that had never left the cross at her throat in the first place - slipping away from the necklace and resting on Julian's shoulder. "Just let them try." She laughed, shaking her head, and a little voice in her mind whispered softly, Let them try, let them try, for they shall die, they shall die!

"De-" Julian began to say, but Deva was done listening to him, her legs carrying her down the stairs and leading her towards the Grand Foyer. From there, she walked outside, to where everyone was, a few people still yelling at one another. Her eyes caught onto just the right person, and Deva gracefully walked towards her, catching the eyes of every man once again. An aura of power had somehow come over her, and everyone could feel it.

Deva stopped just before Adrianna, crossing her arms under her chest to pronounce that her chest size was just as well as Adrianna's - if not larger. On any other occasion, Deva would've never done something like that so publicly - actually, she'd never do it ever in her life. Why she was doing it now... it was definitely some mystery to her.

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