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Richie wakes up and feels arms around him, and notices his arms around someone else. He looks up and sees Stanley Uris sleeping. Richie then remembers what happened the night before, and also remembers seeing Beverly down here when he was having an episode. He panics knowing Beverly now knows, but before he can do anything Stan wakes up.

"Don't worry, Rich, she doesn't think of you differently" Stanley says, almost as if he can read Richies mind. "You sure?" Richie says. Stanley nods and smiles, his eyes still closed. "Thank you Stan" Richie whispers. Only Stan gets to see Richie like this, vulnerable, and although it's sad because he knows the reason he is like this is because he's sad, he can't help but enjoy the nights he sleeps with Richie cuddled up to him, or Richie being sweet with him. "Anytime, Rich, I love you" Stan says and Richie smiles. "I love you too Stanny" Richie says.

"How about we go to my house, my parents know I stayed here so they won't be mad at us. We can eat, shower, you can brush your teeth and my dad can help you with your head. You can take some of my clothes then we could go somewhere fun, but we will have to call Beverly to tell her you're okay, she was real worried last night" Stan says and Richies face lights up. "Yes! Let's do that!" Richie says. Yes he might tease Stan, but he does all his friends, but he loves Stan. Stan has been there for him since they were babies, and recently Richie realised he loves Stan in a way friends shouldn't. He wants to say Stan Uris is my boyfriend. But he can't, he knows Stanley is bisexual, but he's scared he will loose him if he tells him how he feels. That's the only secret Richie Tozier keeps from Stanley Uris.

Stan smiles when he opens his eyes and sees Richie. His hair messy, his shirt ripped and his glasses off. Richie is beautiful, he has perfect eyes and perfectly placed freckles, and without his glasses Stan can really see his face. Yes his shirt is...unfortunate but he still looks beautiful.

"I brung my bike here, you wanna ride on the back?" Stan asks as he stands up, Richie doing the same. "Yeah" Richie says and both the boys climb the ladder. Stan and Richie get on the bike and Stan rides them both back to his house.

When they arrive, Stan parks his bike in the garage and walks in. He sees his dad reading a book. "Hey dad!" Stan says. Donald looks at them both and when he sees Richie, he knows he had an episode. Donald knows Richie has episodes but not about his parents, if he did, he'd do something serious about it, but sadly he doesn't and Richie doesn't want him to know. "Hey boys, Stanley can I talk to you?" Donald says and Stanley nods. "Go to my room, get some clothes and go shower" Stanley says and Richie nods as he goes to Stans room.

"Is he okay?" Donald asks. "Well last night me and Beverly were at the clubhouse telling stories and whatever when he came in and he was sobbing so I lay down in the hammock with him and he fell asleep so I decided to stay cause I was worried" Stan explains. "I think we need to have a serious talk with Richie tonight, bring him here after you guys go out" Donald says. "What do you mean by a serious talk?" Stan says, nervous. "I want to ask him some questions, well you can if it will make it easier for him. I love that kid like a son, I just want what's best for him" Donald says. "Okay, yeah, we can. I know something is going on with him at home, and tonight we will tell you together. I promise you will hear the truth but I need to go get ready" Stan says and Donald says "Alright son, bye" then he picks up a book.

Stan runs to his room and sees Richie in the bathroom. His hair is wet and he has a towel around his waist. "Do you have a hair dryer?" Richie asks. "Yeah, it's in the other bathroom" Stan says and Richie nods as he goes into the other bathroom.

Stan doesn't wash his hair, he just washes his body. He then puts some new clothes on and goes downstairs to see Richie eating toast.

"Hey Stanny" Richie says with a goofy smile. "Hey dumbass, how you doing?" Stan says and sits next to him eating some toast too. "I'm okay now, your dad helped with my head" Richie says and Stan smiles. Both the boys eat their breakfast, brush their teeth and then walk to the shops. Richie buys a queen record and Stan buys a frame so he can put a picture of a bird in it for his bedroom.

The two boys walk home at 7pm, and get home at 7:30pm.

"Rich, I think we should tell my parents about your parents" Stanley says as the two stand at the porch. "No, no, don't, Stan please, we can, but not yet, give me like, a few days, please" Richie says as his breathing speeds up. "Richie, why do you want to spend more time at home if you can be saved" Stan asks calmly. "Because for some reason I love them, I shouldn't, but I do, please, please Stan don't do this" Richie says as his knees buckle and he falls to the floor crying. Stan sits down and wraps his arms around Richie and they both sit on the floor. "Okay, okay, we can in a few days, okay? Sh, you're okay" Stan calms and Richie nods. "I'm gonna go home" Richie mumbles. "Call me if anything happens" Stan says as he helps Richie up then kisses his forehead. Richie nods and starts to walk home.

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