Moving On

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Piece by piece, I recollect what is mine

The things you stole when you crossed the line

My thoughts no longer revolve around you

My mind no longer cares what you do

My heart beats as it did before

Not in a frenzy or depression galore

My emotions are free of 'you and me'

Now I'm just wondering who the next will be

Because the return of my belongings are a sign

That its time to move on, go out there and shine

You weren't the one and now I know

Our love has died, look there's a crow

Since you cheated and lied about who you are

I will not forgive or forget because you went to far

Let me be honest and just speak my mind

I was always cheery and loving and oh so kind

You were the jerk that made me feel

You made me think that love was real

So... I hope you choke on the air you breathe

I hope you die from rabies and seethe

I hope that you dislocate your arm

But other than that I wish you no harm!

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