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So judges these are the criterias on the basis of which you will be judging the book you are assigned. And participants these are the criteria on the basis of which your book will be judged, so you can improve your book before the judging starts! Nothing to worry, these are just basics!


For Books and Novels

Title - 5 marks

Cover- 5 marks

Blurb - 5 marks

Vocabulary- 5 marks

Grammar- 10 marks

Flow - 5 marks

Plot Development- 10 marks

Character Development- 10 marks

Characters Chemistry- 10 marks (basically the relationship between your character)

Creativity- 5 marks

Writing quality- 15 marks

Enjoyment- 5 marks 

Overall impression- 10 marks

Total:- 100 marks

For Poetry, Short Stories and One Shots

Cover:- 5 marks

Title:- 5 marks

Creativity:- 10 marks

Tone and mood:- 10 marks

Writing style:- 10 marks

Overall impression:- 10 marks

Total:- 50 marks


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