Chapter 1 - Transmigration

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I wake up in a dim room perplexedly. A low wooden ceiling comes into view.

That's weird, I thought. My house ceiling doesn't look like this.

My mind is fuzzy. I blink a few times trying to remember how I slept in.

The last memory was the Ateez fanfiction and....the electric shock!

So Is this a hospital?

Scanning left and right, the room doesn't look like a hospital room though.
The room is kinda small and few old fashioned furniture is decorated inside.

The single source of light comes from a small circular window.

Then I feel something or someone shifts in a corner of my eyes.

"Miss, you finally awake" A girl's voice enters my ears.

I jump at the sound.

I turn my stiff neck and meet with a girl in her teens. She wears a cloth similar to a maid in those old movies.

"Woah who are you? Where is this place?" My voice comes out hoarse while trying to sit up. The girl hurriedly comes to my side to support me.

"Miss, how are you feeling?" She asks.

"F..Fine-" I answer, "But who're you?" I repeat my question.

When the girl heard me say that her expression turns into worrisome. She looks like she's about to cry.

"It's me. Lily, your personal maid." She sniffs and continues, "I was so scared. You were caught in a high fever and didn't gain consciousness for 2 days."

Her explanation left me speechless.
How on earth did I get a maid? And caught a high fever? Being unconscious?

That's ridiculous. Last time I checked I was shocked by electricity.

Oh wait.

So maybe this is a dream. I probably passed out in my bedroom and the electric shock caused this dream to feel so real.

I laugh to myself. Maybe I should play along in this dream.

So I turn to Lily who looks so distressed right now.
"Ugh, sorry Lily. My head still felt dizzy so I can't recall what had happened." I say.

Lily looks a bit relieved that I act normal again.

"I'll summon a surgeon to check up on you, Miss." Lily says and about gets up to leave the room.

"No need," I say. "Just give me a glass of water." I notice that my throat is burning.

Lily gives me a glass of water and sits next to my bed.

"Where are we by the way?" I ask while sipping on the water.

"On a ship heading to Havana." She answers.

"Hmm" I nod. This dream is getting interesting.

"Why are we going to Havana?" I continue asking her.

"To visit your uncle," Lily pauses, "Miss, you really can't remember anything." She starts to panic again.

"Ugh..." I don't know what to answer her. It's not like I don't remember anything but I have no idea what is going on.

"It feels suffocating here. I want to walk outside." I suddenly change the topic.

Lily protests saying I still need to recover. But I insist, I gotta explore my dreamscape.

She leads me the way to the main deck and we walk past several passengers wearing Baroque costumes just like in a movie.

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