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The bullet whizzed past them, barely missing Tadashi's ear. (YN) grabbed Tadashi's arm and pulled him out of the way, running with him. He followed along, not really sure of what was happening, but heard another gun shot.

(YN) ran until she found a rundown, abandoned shanty that was in the middle of the abyss. She tried to force open the door and, upon it not working, she picked up a rock and threw it at the window. The glass shattered and (YN) crawled through it.

"C'mon!" She urged Tadashi. Tadashi looked behind him and did the same. Tadashi crouched by the wall on the opposite side of the room to avoid potential future gunfire and watched (YN) as she frantically searched the room. This shanty had two rooms, but the door to the other was closed. This room had various desks with drawers that (YN) kept opening and rummaging through. She took out a box of bullets from one drawer and then pulled out a pistol from the drawer below it.

"What are you doing?" Tadashi asked, although it was obvious as she loaded the gun. "You know how to use a gun?"

"Yeah, everyone on Islamoraica knows how to use a gun," (YN) said nonchalantly. "We aren't as advanced as San Fransokyo. Can you look around to try to find more ammo for me?"

"Yeah, yeah," Tadashi said, the shock clearly evident in his voice. He nodded slowly and looked for more ammo in more cabinets and only found a few half-empty boxes. He opened the door to the other room and gasped at what he saw inside. It made him ignore the sound of (YN) firing the pistol.

Before him in the room was a dormant bot. It looked like a droid and had various spots for bullets to shoot from. It had blades that looked like, when activated, they would fly. It had various belts, all full of ammo. When he looked up, the wall of the shanty was lined with guns and belts filled with more ammo.

"(YN)?" Tadashi called. He looked back to the droid and began to examine it, careful to not touch any of the switches. "(YN), are we clear?"

"Yeah, the shooter is down," (YN) said. She swallowed a lump in her throat. There was a strange pause as she tried to gather the words. "It was Avery."

"What?!" Tadashi was shocked. Quiet Avery?

"Yeah," (YN) said as she walked into the room. "No idea why she'd want to kill us. What did you fin-- whoa."

"I know," Tadashi said. (YN) went to the back wall and began taking different guns and holsters and belts as he continued to examine the droid.

"Can you get it to work for us?" (YN) asked.

"I can get it to work, I just don't know if it will like us," Tadashi said. He really examined the wires inside and then immediately began working. (YN) watched him as he worked with precision. He examined each wire and each place it could go. She watched the way his lips pursed and his tongue would occasionally stick out a bit. She watched the way his brows furrowed and his eyes slanted. In a surprisingly quick amount of time, he had the bot working. He sat back but still stayed alert as the droid perked up. A light was blinking on it and when it looked to Tadashi, the light turned green.

"Owner identified," the droid said. "What is your name?"

"Tadashi Hamada," he said.

"Owner identified as Tadashi Hamada." Tadashi beamed and looked to (YN). The droid looked over to her and the light blinked, shifting from green to white as it looked her up and down. (YN) held her hands up and the light turned green. "Ally identified."

"This is amazing!" (YN) exclaimed as Tadashi stood. She laughed and flung her arms around his neck in an embrace. Tadashi wrapped his arms around her waist as they celebrated their new companion. "Tadashi, you're brilliant!"

"Thanks," Tadashi said. They stayed in the embrace but pulled away slightly to look to each other and smile. They looked to the droid, still holding each other, and let the excitement of the moment last while they could. "Whoever was here before must have just never finished it."

"I wonder where they got all of this stuff," (YN) said. Wonder was in her voice and it made Tadashi smile. He could see the awe in her eyes as she looked between the weaponry and the bot.

"The bot looks like it was made out of scrap metals, wires and some of the guns here," Tadashi said. "But where the guns came from is a whole other story."

"This is insane!" (YN) said; her tone was whimsical. She pulled away from Tadashi to examine the room and the findings it in. Tadashi couldn't help but notice and smile at how excited she seemed. "This place is like a gold mine."

"I wonder why they had so many guns," Tadashi mused.

"Probably if people go nuts and try to kill you like Avery did to us," (YN) said. "Unless they were the one to go nuts."

"That's always a possibility," Tadashi agreed. "I don't know which I'd prefer, to be honest."

(YN) laughed. "Me neither. But who cares? It's ours for the taking! We can definitely make it to the lighthouse, especially with all this to help us."

"I hope we won't need to use it," Tadashi said. "Sounded like a lot of the stuff out there would be more mental."

"Probably," (YN) said. She took another gun and tossed it to Tadashi, who caught it. "But at least this will help with the physical. For example, Avery."

"I, uh... I don't know how to use a gun," Tadashi said. "Maybe I'm better off making sure the bot is always running well."

(YN) shook her head as she approached Tadashi with another gun, similar to the one she tossed him. She showed him step by step how to shoot it. "Clear?"

"Yeah, but I still think I'll leave it to you and the bot to me," he said nervously.

(YN) shrugged. A smile had tugged at her lips but she didn't let it completely show. "Fair enough."

Tadashi shook his head and lightly laughed. "Come on, let's get to that lighthouse." He turned to the droid. "Can you fly?"

The droid made a beeping noise and the blades on top began to whirl. The droid propelled itself into the air and flew alongside Tadashi. (YN) and Tadashi smiled.

"Beautiful," (YN) said happily. Tadashi had never seen (YN) so happy before; he thought it was a good look for her.

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