Chapter 26

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Luke's POV

Ok so there's a big chance there's someone downstairs, I mean the smart thing to do is to call the cops. But we cannot do that being my brother is coming down from hard drugs and I don't feel like answering those questions. So here's the plan, me and Noah are going to stay up here and the others will go downstairs to make sure no one broke in. Do I want to be stuck with Noah no, but I'll be a lot safer up here than down there so I really don't have a choice. Oliver pulled me to the side " are you sure you want to be up here by your self with him?" He asked, I looked over at Noah I can tell he's still coming down but he's passed the mean part. I look back at Oliver " yes I promise I'll be fine, just keep my boys safe" I said with a smile. The boys had bats and other weapons, " ok so if I don't make it back just know I love you and you can have my TV" Jacob said with a sad voice " boy just go you will be fine, you all will be ok" I said laughing, they opened the basement door. One thing I can say is how creepy it was, it was so quiet it usually wasn't that quiet. They started going down Ashton was first, " wait to hold up why am I first?" He said as he stopped walking " oh my god man just go!" Owen said with a couple of grunts he kept walking. So now it's just me and Noah.

I can remember the first time he hit me, I can remember the first time I found out he was on drugs and not just weed. I can see his face when I stopped hugging him because I was so used to him hitting me, he wasn't my brother anymore he was a monster I was stuck living with. Do I love him? yes do I love him as much as I used to no, but he's still my brother. I can remember the last time he used I found him in the bathroom with a needle in his arm and he had two bitchs passed out on his bed, I fell to my knees and started sobbing. I told him everything, about how I wanted to die and how Oliver beat me and how I was scared for my life, he just smiled at me and said ' hey great story man' then passed out. He doesn't remember anything I said that day, it changed how I looked at him, I stopped talking to him I stopped being his caring brother.


" WHY CAN'T YOU FUCKING TALK TO ME!!" Noah yelled from the other side of the table, my mother and Jacob stopped eating and looked over at him " why can't you talk to me man, it's driving me fucking crazy! I'm sorry ok I'm sorry whatever I did I'm so sorry!" He said crying with his face in his hands, he always did this in front of mom to make her feel sorry for him, I wasn't falling for it. I get up with my plate of food and start walking away, " where are you going! Your brother is talking to you!" My mother yelled back at me, I don't listen. I make it up to my room I was about to go in when someone grabbed me, which made me drop my plat of food. I look back even though I know who it was, " please man really what did I do? Please talk to me" he said, he was still crying, wait he's still crying? I get my hand free from him " don't fucking touch me, do you really want to know why?" I said in a deep voice, who knew I could sound like this. He looked shocked " I'm sorry, yes I really do want to know we used to be best friends I" before he could finish I started laughing " so you really think we will be friends again? I'll pass you get high and beat me you get high and you get mean to do you really think I want to be friends with you? No thanks I'll pass I don't even want to live in the same house as you, fucking get clean and I'll think about it being your friend again." He looked like someone shot him, I felt bad but it was needed to be said.

Flashback ended

Well after that day he started getting better I helped him at 2 in the morning when he throws up and couldn't stop shaking. That was 3 years ago, So I'm really pissed that he started using it again.

I look over and see he's sitting in a chair looking at me like he wants to say something, " what's up man they will be down there for like 10 minutes, are you gonna stare at me the whole time or are you gonna say something?" I said laughing at him, " I know you are really mad at me right now, I would be too! Just know it was only ones I swear and I won't do it again!" He said in a low voice like I'm going to believe that. I was about to say something when the basement door swings open we both quickly look over and we see a man with a mask on. I think I sat looking at him for 30 seconds before I realized that he's not supposed to be there, " dude what the fuck" Noah said I was about to say something when this man walked fast in front of me, he is so much taller than me. I look and I see his eyes I never seen them before, they are green but how can I explain it, I never seen green like it before " yo get the fuck away from him!" Noah said getting up he was about to rush over to us when the man pulls something out of his pocket witch made Noah stop in his place, so I'm going to guess it was a gun. I keep my eyes on this man because he kept his on me, he sat there looking at me I wanted to ask what he wanted but I knew I shouldn't.

He took his free hand and placed it on my side of my face, what the actual fuck is happening, I don't flinch away I don't move I just sit there and look into his eyes as I look at them I start to think if I seen them before. Before I can figure that out he moves his hand away from me, he lifts up his mask so I can see his lips he's smirking before I know it he kissed me. I froze in place I don't even kiss back, I push him away, I keep my eye on his eyes and looked shocked. Before I knew it Noah was yelling for the boys to come up here, he smiles at me then runs passed me out the back door, I sat there frozen for some reason. The next thing I know Noah is next to me " hey baby brother are you ok? Hey, talk to me!" He said as he placed a hand on my shoulder, the boys came running up the stairs " guys there was someone down there we saw a shadow!" Owen said but he stopped in place ones he saw me and Noah he must have seen my scared look. Oliver came rushing over to me " are you ok? what's wrong?!" He said as he touched my shoulder " there was a man with blue eyes and he kissed me" I said in a low voice. He looked as shocked as I do " he kissed you?" Jacob said " what shade of blue" Noah said I look over at him quickly " what do you know!" I said he looked at me " If it's who I think it is we're all fucked" he said, oh great what now what, what's the worst thing that can happen! be continued

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