Daddy Where are you?

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Chapter four

That evening, at dinner, Eve refused to even come downstairs to eat. Her mother was so thoughtless! She had gone from being really understanding and considerate to being some kind of monster, an indescribable lying witch. 

"Why did you do it, Mum?" Eve whispered, her face White-hot with anger. "I just don't understand! I thought you knew what was going on, but, obviously, I can't trust you!"

Mrs Joanson (Eve's mother), bit her lip, because she knew she'd done something very badly wrong. 

"Look, Eve," she started to explain, "I know that you're going through a hard time, right now, but--"

"But, what?!" Eve asked, bitterness clear in her voice. "What makes that alright? The fact that my daddy… the fact that he's gone, is nothing you can deny; calling the therapist to say I'm crazy won't help! And, actually, it's done the opposite,"

They were speaking through Eve's bedroom door, which could, obviously, be pitied. It wasn't fair, though, Eve thought, she doesn't understand. 

"Eve, I do everything I can!" her mother said, angry, but still caring for her daughter's broken heart and crazed mind. "I didn't tell ANYONE that you're crazy, and I never will think that, either. Don't you understand that I love you?!" she was exasperated, and there seemed to be no way of getting her daughter to understand. 

"Well, if you didn't tell him I was crazy," Eve said, "What's this so called illness I am supposed to have?"

"Eve, dear, why don't you talk to your therapist about all of this? I'm not quite sure I know enough about all of this, and I don't want you getting confused…"

Eve sighed, and peeped her head out of the door. "Mother, tell me know and spare my time: do you intend on explaining any of this to me?"

Mrs Joanson chewed her lip. "I knew it!!!" Eve cried, "You just want another reason to say I'm crazy!"

That night, her mother was laying in bed, whispering to her husband. What should I do, she thought, I have no chance! Eve doesn't have the same mental health she did when you were around! If it was me… maybe she'd stand a better chance…

It wasn't entirely true, but both Eve and her mother had confused minds since Mr Joanson's death, and this was just how Alice, Eve's mother, responded to the incident. Eve shut down everything: her friendships, her family relationships, and her senses. "Oh, Daddy," Eve sighed, "Am I really going crazy? I mean…I love you! Is that so much that nobody can understand? I know that you'll… you'll never be here again, but… I don't know!"

She was close to tears: speaking to her dad, explaining what was going on in her mind, was so impossible. But, what she didn't realise was that, if her father could hear her, he could most certainly understand without her telling him. The only person who really wanted to hear an explanation, was, quite frankly, herself. 

The morning after, Eve set off to school. She was eight pages behind in her homework, and she hadn't even looked at half of it, which was certain to grant her another hour or so of detentions, on top of her punishment for what she did to Anne. Unlike most of her fellow students, though, this meant nothing to her: she was, in their eyes, invincible. All they saw was the hard side, the side that always dragged on after battle, never ready to surrender. What they didn't see was what really went on in Eve's mind; the confusion and worry, the desperation and fear. 

On the way, Anne and her group of equally stupid, nasty, and fake "friends" (or cronies, as they were commonly known) approached her. Madeline, Anne's second, sneered, "Oh, that was brave, Eve. That, what you done, it was proper brave! But, what you didn't think, is that we, us, we're much stronger than you!" 

And, with that, she leapt upon Eve's back, pulling her hair tight, creating bruises and lumps, no doubt. "Yeah!" Vicky, another crony put in, "And, ain't it funny! 'Cause, it seems that there's nobody here to protect you!"

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