14: Bonfire and Restlessness (camp day 2)

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I felt a wave of anger erupting inside me as I took in what exactly was going around me. I saw Aayat looking at her bruised elbow with tears in her eye as her friends helped her get up.

She walked towards her tent even without looking for what or rather who made her fall. while I stood there still dumbfounded.

Benita, the friend of Aaliyah had herself intentionally made Aayat fall. And what shocked me the most is the fact that Aaliyah was involved in all of this! I have to talk to her.

Aaliyah who was now pretending as if nothing had happened was walking back to her tent while Benita trailed behind her. Both of them, had a smirk on their faces.

I tried to subside my anger as I still didn't knew the whole truth and went behind her.

As I followed her, I saw both of them halting near the trees far away from where everyone else. I hid behind a big tree as to know what they were talking about.

Aaliyah hugged Benita as she started saying,

"Very well done Beni! I knew that you're the only one who could actually be of help to me. You're truly my best friend."

Benita smiled showing her sets of teeths as she replied to her,

"Anything for you Aaliyah. And besides, she deserved it. How dare she tried to talk to you like that in the morning!"

"What the hell is going on Aaliyah??" I yelled as I finally stepped Infront of them. Benita did something so low for Aaliyah! Aaliyah? Why was she doing this? Alot of questions engulfed my mind as I saw the startled Benita looking between me and Aaliyah.

On the other hand, Aaliyah just stood there without even being bothered about the fact that I was here. She rather kept looking at her nails as if they were the most important thing for her.

"I am asking something to you! " I said to her in more serious tone. She turned to me with blank expression on her face. Meanwhile, Benita who was standing here like a maniac walked back to where everyone else was as Aaliyah gestured her to go with her hand.

"What is all of this Aaliyah? You, you said Benita to make Aayat fall?"
I asked her as I took a long breath.

She dared to look back into my eyes as if she had done nothing bad. She folded her hands and said ever so easily,


I felt anger inside me surfacing again but chose to control it and ask ,

"Why? "

Her expressions changed as she started smiling sweetly at me and said,

"Why? Because I wanted to take revenge. Revenge of every insult she had done of me and of you, my bestest of friend.

She had started to take Aaliyah Siddique too lightly. She had to be made aware of what happens when someone insults Aaliyah and the one's who are dear to her. "

Shock was something that was evident on my face along with fury. As Aaliyah turned to go away, I held her by her shoulder and forced her to turn back as I said,

"I don't believe that this is you Aaliyah. Joking around with people and pulling there legs was something in which I have always supported you but what you have just did today, was absolutely disgusting Aaliyah!

You actually did hurt Aayat for this? Didn't you see? She was bruised?

I feel like, you're not even the Aaliyah I knew anymore.
Look at you! You have crossed your limits.

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