4. Cabin In The Woods

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Jax brushed the hair on her shoulder off her neck and placed his lips on her ear after he said the words he'd been wanting to say since he laid eyes on her.

She had fallen under his spell and knew at that moment there was no way she would ever be able to say no to the man who held her. He was simply intoxicating in a way she couldn't describe but welcomed with open arms. She turned so she was facing him once again, taking him in. With a wave of sudden bravery, she leaned up to press a kiss against his chin since that was the closest thing in her reach.

The soft brush of her lips against his skin was all it took for the tall brute of a man to scoop the tiny woman in his arms and dart out of the club. He didn't wait for her to say yes or no because with him the answer would always be yes. He placed her on her feet beside his bike and didn't think twice about jacking a helmet from one of his brother's bikes beside him. His movements felt foreign as he plonked the helmet on her head and fastened the clasp under her chin.

He realized after making sure the helmet was tight enough, that he didn't want any harm to come to her. His jaw tightened at the thought that he would care if she got hurt or not. He had never cared about anyone before today.

He wasn't afraid to admit that he didn't give a shit about himself or the men he called his brothers, let alone anyone else. He protected the men who pledged themselves to him and the Riders of Mutiny because he understood they would lay their lives down for each other. Loyalty is what French had called it, Jax had never heard the word before he spoke it, but it made sense to him. There had been men who died because of what they do, over the years, but Jax didn't grieve them as his brothers did.

It only took a second for Jax to realize he was pissed off, again. He was pissed that this tiny woman had pulled something out of him he didn't even know he was capable of doing. He was pissed that he was pissed about her wearing anything that didn't belong to him. He was pissed because he didn't understand why it mattered or where the possessive thought even came from. Most of all, he was pissed because suddenly that static grey that had consumed his 27 years of life was suddenly changing into something softer, lighter.

Something inside of him had flipped the moment he laid eyes on her as if a light were switched on and he was consumed in it as it surrounded her. She was staring up at him with these wide doe-like eyes as if she expected him to protect her from the entire world and fucking damn it, he wanted to! The anger built up inside of him and he wanted to find someone and pummel the shit out of them to release it. Instead, he gripped the front of the tiny woman's neck and guided her face up as he leaned down at the same time and pressed his mouth against hers fiercely.

Emerson made a squeak of surprise at the bruising kiss she was suddenly receiving. It wasn't that she hadn't kissed anybody before, but she had certainly never kissed anybody like this. His grip was tight on her neck and her body came alive at the contact. She had been in a daze since he stepped out of the club, but now she was completely aware. She hopped into action after a few seconds of shock and brought her small hands up to cup his face as she tried to keep up with his pace.

All it took was one kiss. Something that once seemed so simple, so fleeting, so meaningless, now holding him captive. He could feel it through his entire body, and he wouldn't realize it until later, but at that moment, he had cemented them in something unbreakable.

Jax tightened his hand around her throat and practically growled when she only leaned into his touch. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He didn't want to let her go, but the sooner he got her in his bed, the sooner he could touch her the way he wanted to. He forced himself to pull away from her and released the tight grip he had on her, before turning and swinging a leg over his bike.

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