Visiting Day (Part 2)

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Tris' POV
Two hours later and twenty dollars poorer I stand in the pit with Tobias and the initiates. Families are just starting to arrive. We start off by standing at the side awkwardly as the initiates slowly float away as more families arrive. Eventually everyone's family is here. Laughter fills the pit, which is really nice. The initiates look so happy, even the Dauntless born. It makes me smile. Out of the corner of my eye I see Tobias smile. "Aw, the mighty Four's gone soft!" I tease.
"Hey, when you smile you make me smile."
"Suuure." I say as he rolls his eyes. After a couple more minutes he sighs. "Time to go and mingle."
"Fine, if I have to." Tobias laughs and wanders off into the pit. I stay for a moment before doing the same. I have no tactic to this. Probably should. Instead I walk around and see who invites me over.

The first family I meet is Katniss'. She stands with a woman and a girl who both have blonde hair. They greet me warmly. "This is Six, my trainer," Katniss tells them. "Six this is my mother and my little sister Prim." I smile at them both. Prim is so cute! Both have Dauntless clothing on but I notice that her mum has a nursing uniform on. "So are you a nurse?" I ask but then regret. Was that rude? Luckily she laughs. "Yes I am. Primrose here helps me with some of the minor injuries. She's quite good."
"It's Prim mum." Prim complains. I laugh lightly. I notice as Katniss hugs her sister that both have braids in their hair. Slightly different but still braids. It's cute. We talk for a bit more until I excuse myself. They seem really nice.

I talk to Percy's mum, Annabeth's dad and Rose's mum before I meet them. The Weasley's. Ron and Ginny's family. Biggest family in history! All have a variety of colours too. "Oh mum, this is Six. Our trainer." Ginny says as I walk by. I smile. "Hi."
"Oh hello dear, lovely to meet you," her mum says. "I'm Molly and this is my husband Arthur." I shake both of their hands. They seem like a lovely family. All have red hair which is odd but cool. Ginny introduces me to all of her brothers. "This is Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George. You already know Ron and myself." Bill is Dauntless and has a notable scar on his face. I don't ask though. It's common for Dauntless to have scars I guess. Charlie is also Dauntless. Percy is an Erudite and doesn't seem to like it here. Fred and George are also Dauntless and are twins. Identical in fact. Ginny doesn't have to tell me that. Their parents are both Amity. It's weird how most are Dauntless. The Weasley's seem like lovely people. Very warm and welcoming. One of the twins approaches me when no one is listening. "Hey, you know Uriah and Zeke right?" he asks. I nod, slightly suspicious. His twin brother joins the conversation. "Well, we're the ones who taught them, Uriah especially, everything they know." Says the other brother. I notice that one of the two has a missing ear. "So just remind me, who's who?" I ask. Luckily they laugh. "We get this all the time hey Freddie? I'm George."
"I'm Fred." Right, so George has one ear. I talk for a bit longer before leaving again. Those twins are trouble but are hilarious. As I'm wandering I bump into someone I like. "Having fun?" Tobias asks. I laugh. "Yeah, you could call it that." We compare some notes about the families before walking together. It feels better with him here. My eyes make contact with River's so I force Tobias over with myself. "Hey guys." I say as we join them. It's no surprise that her parents are Dauntless. It is surprising though how young her parents look. "I'm Six and this is-"
"Four. Yeah I know. Sorry River told us already. I'm Amy and this is Rory." I shake their hands. Amy has red hair, a slight accent and the LONGEST legs I've ever seen! She makes me feel like a dwarf or something! As for Rory, he has a nose that's, well I don't even know how to describe it. A long nose? Big nose? Forget it. Anyway, they both seem really nice. After River we decide to go. The families will have to go soon. It was fun but really bizarre I must say.

"They seem nice." I say to Tobias as we walk around the compound. "Yeah. Did you see Amy's legs!" I punch his arm, hard.
"Hey! And yes." I grumble. Tobias laughs lightly. "It's all okay. I'm just teasing."
"Yeah yeah whatever." We end up at the cafeteria. How ironic. "Cake?" Tobias asks, grinning madly. I nod and he's off in a flash. I laugh and find a seat. Moments later Christina is at my side. "Busy tomorrow?"
"Hi to you too."
"Triissss, I'm serious. Busy or not?"
"Um I guess not." Chris squeals. I wince slightly. She's really loud. "Yay! So tomorrow night we are having a girls night! So we'll eat, watch movies, do our nails, have make overs..."
"Okay stop there. Who's going?"
"Shauna, Marlene, Lynn and us."
"Wait, Lynn? Make overs? Nails?"
"Hey, I didn't say I've asked them yet and that they've said yes. But either way I'm making them come." I shiver. They better say yes. Chris can be really scary. Eventually I agree and Chris leaves just as Tobias returns. "What was that about?" He asks as he sits. "Apparently a girls night tomorrow." I grab a piece of cake then frown. "Why are there three pieces?" Tobias takes the remaining two and I laugh. Trust a boy with his cake.

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