When we finally sat down with our food at the McDonald's, I was starved. I scarfed down my food and watched Kellin look at Copeland. I smiled. He loved that little girl so much. It was hard not to tell.

     The moment was broken when a girl around 16 asked, "Are you Kellin Quinn?"

     Kellin looked up from Cope with a smile. "Yep," he answered.

     "I love your music," the girl gushed, "You guys helped me through so much." Kellin smiled modestly. "I'm sorry interrupt your breakfast, but I always wanted to tell you how much you mean to me."

     "No problem," Kellin said nonchalantly.

     "I know this is probably gonna sound weird, but can you sign this napkin. It's the only thing close to paper I have," she said. I could tell she was nervous. Most fans were..

     "Sure," Kellin said taking the napkin and a pen from her. He scribbled Kell Q on it and handed it back.

     "Thanks. Can I get a picture?" she asked pulling out her phone.

     "Of course," Kellin told her. He was always happy to do anything for his fans. I kinda admired him for that.

     The girl bent down and snapped the picture.

     "Is this Copeland?" she asked, noticing the carrier next to Kellin.

     "Yep. That's Cope," Kellin told her proudly.

     "She's adorable. Even more adorable in person," the girl cooed.

     "Thanks," Kellin said looking at our daughter lovingly.

     "Well, thank you. I can't wait to see you guys at Warped. It's going to be amazing," she said.

     Kellin laughed. "Thanks," he said and the girl walked away.

     That's when I noticed that Liam had stopped eating, which was quite surprising. "Eat," I said gesturing to his bagel sandwich.

     "I'm not hungry anymore," he told me sadly. It was the biggest lie he had ever told.

     "You? Not hungry?" I exclaimed with shock.

     "Nope," he mumbled.

     "What's wrong, buddy?" Kellin asked with concern.

     "I don't want you to leave," Liam whispered. He looked down at the table.

     "I know. I don't really want to leave either, but I have to. I can't let all those people down. Did you see how excited that girl was to see us this summer?" Kellin asked.

     "Yeah, but I want you here," Liam told him.

     "But, all those fans want me at Warped this summer. That's what I have to do and you have your mom, your brother, and your sister. And aren't you going to see your dad this summer? That'll be fun, right?" Kellin said with a little too much happiness in his voice.

     "Yeah, but it would be funner if you could stay home," Liam said.

     "Well, I can't. We've already said we'd play and we made a commitment. We can't go back on our commitment," Kellin explained.

     "I guess not," Liam said.

     "But, you can call me anytime you want and if you mom lets you use her phone, we can FaceTime, too. And text," Kellin suggested.

     "Yeah. FaceTime is fun," Liam said brightening a bit.

     "Yes, it is," Kellin agreed with a smile. He looked at me making sure he had done good. I smiled back my approval and Liam went back to eating.  

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