forty seven

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I stare blankly at the knife covered in dried up blood. I'm nothing but shocked. I have an emotionless expression painted on my pale face, but my hands are shaking and goosebumps are spreading all over my cold body.

"You surprised?" Elsie says, her arms crossed.

"I..." I can't even finish my words, I'm just flat out full of shock and fear.

Elsie stares at me, waiting for a response to this situation.

Out of no where, Liz slowly opens the door, and immediately Elsie slides the knife under the bed with her foot.

"Elsie," Liz says, "you're leaving"

"Oh, okay. I'll be down in a minute, I just need to talk to Holly"

"Okay" Liz says with a smile before leaving.

"I don't know what to say..." I shake my head slowly.

"You trust people really easily, Holly"

I don't reply, I just stare at Elsie for a short while.

"Well," Elsie says, "I gotta get going."

"But, I... I don't understand?"

"This is either the last time you'll be seeing me," Elsie opens the door to leave, "or the last time I'll be seeing you."

I don't bid Elsie goodbye, I just sit down on my bed and take everything in.

This means Juliet could, or is, the one. The murderer. This means the answer was right in front of me... I should've known. Juliet's always been the jealous, secretive, two-faced one. I just can't believe it, it's literally unbelievable, even with the significant piece of proof Elsie presented to me.

I know that the answer to the massive problem that has been making me go insane these past few months has finally been resolved, but as usual, I can't be sure. Maybe Elsie is trying to frame Juliet. I mean, it's a bit odd that Elsie would know that there was a knife under Juliet's pillow... Unless Elsie planted it there.

This time I'm not leaving the questioning to the last minute. I'm going now. I have to go to Juliet and clear this up.

I run downstairs and look for Juliet.

I see Harry walking down the hallway and I run to catch up to him.

"Harry!" I say.

"What?" Harry says.

"Where's Juliet?"

"I'm not sure," Harry scratches his head, "why?"

"Oh, you'd be surprise why."

Harry flashes me a confused look, "What?"

I look around to see if any of the girls are around, and once I notice they're not, I begin to whisper to Harry what happened. I have to be quiet, everything echoes, even our tiny whispers.

"This is gonna sound really crazy"

"Just tell me what happened"

"Okay," I say, "so I brung Elsie upstairs into my room, and she started telling me about how she wanted to run-"

"Run away?!" Harry says, with a surprised expression. I shouldn't of said that.

"Run track. She wants to run and be an athlete but, uh, Zayn's not into that stuff, so, yeah..."

"Oh, okay, carry on"

"Anyway, Elsie got a knife under Juliet's pillow and slid it over to me, almost like a threat. It's got me thinking Juliet might be..."

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