|Ch. 3|

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"You like her, don't you?" Kelly asked her husband.


"Are you - are you gonna to have sex with her?" She asked, then gasped, as she bounced on his dick.

"Is this really the time to bring this the fuck up?" He growled as he grabbed her hips.

"Just - just answer the question, Chase." She moaned.

"No, I'm not going to have sex with her." He replied as he lifted his hips.

"Goooooooooood." She moaned as she came.

'I'm gonna fuck her.' He thought.

"Did you come?" She asked as she climbed off of him.

He sat up and threw his legs over the side of the bed. "I gave up on you making me come a long time ago, Kelly."

"You're not gonna ask me if I came?"

He stood to his feet.

"My dick always makes you come. Now go shower and get dressed, now."

"Why?" She asked.

He turned to her with a glare on his face. "Don't fucking question me again. Just do as you're told and get the fuck out of my face."

Blue balls was a bitch. It's been weeks since he'd had some pussy from his wife, due to all the different meetings he has had to attend. And noe that he'd finally gotten some...it was horrible. He didn't even almost nut. His dick was barely hard, but apparently it was hard enough to get her off. So, like always he had to take a shower and stroke his own dick until he came hard.

He knee he had options. He could go out and find any woman he wanted and fuck her until he was satisfied, but he'd promised to commit himself to Kelly for the rest of their lives and so far he's kept that promise.

No woman had tempted him in their three year marriage. Until now.

Until Zhari Jameson stepped to their table and put his wife in her place. She was not inly sexy and beautiful as hell, but she wasn't afraid or his wife...or him. She showed no signs of weakness nor did she show any signs of being anything but repulsed by him.

He had to admit that seeing her again, after so many years, felt good. She looked the same but so different. Puberty was fucking good to her. Her breasts were full and perky, her waist curvy, her thighs thick and her ass fat. Her body filled out in ways he'd hoped it would.

He knew she didn't recognize him the moment she looked at him then his wife and stated how she didn't give a damn about who he was or what they were having for dinner. He didn't think he changed that much, but he guess he did. Then again it wasn't like they were friends in high school. She couldn't stand him then just as much as she can't stand him now. She was the same Zhari but different. She was tougher, taller, and she took no bullshit from anyone.

Instead of revealing who he was he decided to keep it to himself. He wanted to see how long it takes for her to realize who he is. Hopefully its not before he gets a chance to slide deep into her pussy.

She was the one exception he was gonna make and break his commitment vow to his wife. Although his wife herself didn't show the same respect, seeing as she tries to fuck every man that looks her way, he'd always did his best to avoid temptation.

But Zhari was a temptation that he was not going to avoid. She was a temptation he was willing to give in to.

After showering and getting dressed, Chase met his wife outside in the car.

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