Chapter 20 - Girls....ARGH!

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Chapter 20

Lana's POV

My head hurts.

My arms hurt.

My neck hurts.

My leg hurts.

You probably guessed that I'm in a lot of pain. You were right. It was unimaginable, so I kept my eyes squeezed shut, not wanting to face that monster who I knew was waiting for me.

As the pain subsided, I heard hushed voices talking frantically. My eyes flickered once or twice before they opened fully. It took a while for them to adjust to the bright light, but when they did I wish I had kept them shut.

HE was standing in front of me, observing my face carefully, almost as if it were an exhibition in a museum. I opened my mouth to talk, but no sound came out, and my mouth just hung open like a fish gasping for oxygen. I coughed to try and clear my throat and tried again, this time a little more successful:

"What do you want, John?" I spat at him, not caring that I was talking, although he wasn't worth the air, he had some SERIOUS explaining to do.

"Well, well, look at the little princess, getting her panties in a twist. What makes you think I want anything? I just want to talk to my favourite little girly!"

Because that didn't sound creepy at all, I thought, shivering with disgust.

"Well?" I prompted, knowing what John just spewed was a load of bull.

"As a matter of fact, I did want something. To get back with your mum."

I scoffed, like that would happen. Not that they were together to start with. If you were getting confused about who John was and how I knew him, listen: Back when I was about 8, and my family was only slightly less disfunctional than it is now, we had a family friend, John. I wasn't sure how we knew him, I think my mum knew him from work, but he always seemed to be at our house. With all the time he spent at our house, I knew there must have been a reason, and I found out one time, whilst he was in the living room on his own talking to himself about how much he was in love with my mother. Now, as much as I disliked my mother and father I knew they were happy together and didn't want John breaking them up, so I hatched a plan. I burst in on John, and gasped, as if him taking to himself about my mother surprised me, and to my delight, well pain, my plan worked and he strided across the room and slapped me hard across the cheek. It was convienient that my parents chose to walk in at that moment, and although they weren't on best terms with me, they had to take care of me, and so threw John out. We never saw him again.

Until now.

"John, I'm not going to help you get with my mother, not that you had anything to start with, so give up!"

"No!" he snarled, and suddenly I saw a fist flying towards my face, and then I blacked out, thinking:-


Leon's POV

I was really worried about Lana, she hadn't answered her phone last night. Not only that but the next day, I hadn't seen her out and about this morning. I was really puzzled - where could she be?

Sighing, I took out of my phone, and called Blondie who had given me her number yesterday. I would have gone to school and asked her, but I had been suspended.

"Problems?" Blondie asked. How did she know? I swear girls were physic!

"I suppose you could say that," I replied. "I'm just worried that's all."

Blondie - "About?"

"It doesn't matter, I'm sure it's nothing." I said defeated, suddenly deciding against telling her, going to hang up.

"Ah-ah-ah, I don't think so, I'm not letting you go until you tell me!" she scolded, like a mother would. Ok, now I know girls, or at least Blondie was

"Why do you want to know, blondie?" I asked, irritated, I wasn't in the mood

Instead of a bitchy remark which was what I thought I would get, all I heard was laughter. I put on my puzzled face, but then realised she couldn't see me.

"Wh-what did you call me?" she managed to choke out through her giggles.

"Blondie?" I repeated.

"Yeah!" she said, bursting into more giggles. Jeez, girls were so annoying when they giggled, except Lana, obviously.

Leon - "Fine, what's your name?"

Blondie - "Anabelle!"

Leon - "Fine, Anabelle, why do you want to know?"

Anabelle - "Because, doofus, I'm your friend. I'd be an awful friend if I didn't want to know what was wrong!"

I stayed silence. Damn girls and there perceptiveness....

"Well?" she said, sounding almost as infuriariated as I felt.

"Fine, I'll tell you," I sighed, admitting defeat.

"Good boy!" she said, instantly perking up. "What is it then?"

Leon - "I'll give you one guess."

Anabelle - "Hmm... is it a girl?"

Leon - "Good guess, try to narrow it down?"

Anabelle - "How on earth should I know? Just tell me!"

"..." I paused, maybe for effect, maybe just because it felt right, or maybe because I was a chicken.


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