Chapter 16 - Dark world begins

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"Brother, we must be going," you walked past Loki's room to see Thor and Loki engaging in conversation. "Heimdall has said he could not see Jane,"

"Oh shit," you stuff the rest of the chocolate bar in your mouth. "I know why!" Swallowing the last bit of chocolate you grin.

"What is it?" Thor asked urgently.

"Something happened to her, also it's so darn cute that you get heimdall to keep an eye on her,"

"Is this part of a thor film you speak of?" You nod and pull another bar of chocolate from your back pocket. "So will you know what happens next?"

"Somewhat, I know where she is, and I know to most part what will happen-"

"You will come with us to Asgard," Thor concludes, you choke on the chocolate.

"You're kidding?"

"I'm certainly not, you will prove to be a valuable asset," you roll your eyes and thank him sarcastically. "We leave now to find her, meet us on the roof," punching the air you run out the room and grab a small bag taking the essentials aka chocolate.

"Tony, I'm going to Asgard with Thor and Loki," Tony just nods and gets back to his work.

"Be safe, kid," after you leave he does a double take. "Jarvis? Did she say Asgard? As in shiny god land Asgard?"

"Yes I believe so," he shrugs and takes another sip of his red bull and coffee mixture.


"Right here," you say as Thor lands in an abandoned yard. As to not scare Jane or later on Darcy, Loki was invisible. It started to pour with rain, you could see Darcy and Jane arguing before they turn their attention to Thor. "Me and Loki will just stay back a bit," you tug on the blur that was Loki and bring him back a bit.

"Who is that?" Loki asks, you look over to Darcy who was approaching.

"That's Darcy Lewis, Janes intern, she's to Jane as you are to Thor I guess," you say absentmindedly. "Here's our queue," you walk over to Thor who had Darcy poking his chest. 3...2...1 an Officer goes to grab Jane but a red and black blast of energy pushes everyone away, Loki takes your arm and shields you as the blast happens.

"Jane? Jane!" Thor runs towards Jane who was lying on the ground. You also quickly run over to help Jane up. The Officer warns Thor to step back. "This woman is unwell,"

"She's dangerous!"

"So am I," you roll your eyes at his dramatic line. "Hold on,"

"What are you doing? Who's she?" You wink at her as you feel Lokis arm secure around your waist, a large beam of light engulfs you four carrying you to Asgard. A while passed as your eyes gleamed in delight at the swarms of stars that zoomed by. However your stomach churned a bit the moment your feet touched the ground. "We have to do that again!"

"Nope, you handled that way better than me," you lean against Loki who's illusion was still up. Getting over the feeling you look up to meet amber eyes. "Oh my Heimdall, its Heimdall!"

"Welcome to Asgard," a warm smile was given from him. "Welcome my princes," Jane seemed to be too caught up in the structure to notice. "Welcome Lady Y/n and Lady Jane," she spins around to face Heimdall.

"Hi," she then faces you. "You must be Y/n? How do you know Thor?" Stifling a laugh you take her hand as Thor leads the way.

"In short I'm pretty much from another dimension where you guys are all characters in comics and movies," she stumbled over her words. "Yes that means you too," she nods as she looks ahead at the golden city.

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