cheater -randy

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tw: rape, descriptive of after math of rape,yelling, there will be use of the word daddy but ryes not a little in this he just calls andy daddy; there will be descriptions of a make out that almost turns sexual, also rye is smaller then andy in this height wise

third person pov

rye had went out on a late night run when it happened.

he got pulled into a alley and the man started stripping him and touching him.

ryes begs for him to stop falling on deaf ears. his sobs echoing into the quiet.

rye was raped that night.

and when the man was done; all he did was walk away.

rye pulled his clothes on. realizing he was bleeding as he obviously hadn't been prepped properly. he saw he had bruises on his hips. and he knew he had hickeys on his neck.

he checked his phone and saw that it was 2 am.

he walked home. limping the whole way.

and when he got there, he went straight to his bathroom stripping and scrubbing his skin raw.

quietly sobbing as he had to wash all the blood off that was now dripping down his thighs.

relieved when he realized it stopped bleeding right after he got it all rinsed off.

he got out of the shower; his skin bright red. his hips bruised. and hickeys all over his neck and collarbones.

he pulled on the softest clothes he could find. soft sweatpants and a hoodie that was andys.

andy. god all he wanted was to go to andy. but he was too scared. too scared to tell anyone. because after all he should've been able to fight the man right? he shouldn't have went on a late night run and it would have never happened. it was his fault. or so he thought. because that's what happens to victims. they think it's their fault no matter how impossible it could be that it is.

so instead he laid down and cried himself to sleep.


he was still wearing a hoodie of andy's and the soft sweatpants.

he had been walking funny and flinching when he sat down all day. and all of them noticed it.

they were suspicious because andy and rye were always loud and they hadn't heard anything the night before and andy looked confused to.

it was only later that night when andy was on top of rye making out with him and he pulled ryes hoodie off, that he saw the hickies covering ryes neck. rye was terrified. not wanting to be undressed by anyone after what had happened.

"you've been walking and sitting funny all day and you're covered in hickeys. and they're not from me. you fucking cheated on me?!" andy yelled the last part.

rye was too scared to say anything. to tell him. so instead he just laid there.

but him saying nothing made andy think he actually cheated.

the boys heard the yelling and came.

"what the fuck is going on?" harper asked loudly above the yelling.

andy looked at them and jabbed a finger in ryes direction.


"what the fuck rye? you're really just gonna be a fuck boy and cheat?" sonny said in a raised voice.

brooklyn shook his head, disappointedly.

"yanno i never thought that you be a fucking cheater; get the fuck out of this room!" brooklyn yelled.

and so rye did, he tried grabbing andys hoodie back to put on but andy just kept his grip on it.

ryes eyes filled with tears as he walked out of the room to his own.

once he was in his room he pulled on one of his own hoodies. but it was too tight. too scratchy. reminded him of the mans hands.

and so rye sobbed and cried himself to sleep.

it was about midnight when it happened.

rye started screaming and sobbing in his sleep.

he bolted upright; still sobbing and screaming but awake now. not realized where he was.

andy ran in the room. along with the other boys.


rye kept screaming the same things over and over.

andy gently grabbed him and pulled him into his lap.

ryes screams only intensifying more.

he kicked and pushed, trying to get out of the hold.

andy only held him tighter.

"shhh baby boy it's me. okay it's me. it's daddy. it's just daddy. i'm not mad at you okay it's just daddy. no ones gonna hurt you ,you're safe" andy said softly into ryes ear so he'd hear it over his own screams.

rye stopped screaming but still sobbed.

"d-daddy?" he said quietly.

"shh i have you baby boy. it's okay. you're okay baby. i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry baby. you're safe now.

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