3. One Dance

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"I can't believe we did it!" The young woman yelled as she jumped up and down excitedly beside her two best friends in the world. Well, best friends were kind of an understatement they were the family she'd chosen in life.

"Man, that beat is so sick, everybody was moving to it." Carlos was still buzzing from the adrenaline rush performing always gave him. He looked towards the third man in their trio, James, who was grinning at the young girl. He patted James on the shoulder, praising him for the insane music his beautiful mind created.

James' big green eyes looked on lovingly, and his short blonde hair and chubby cheeks made him look younger than he really was. "I was worried about the timing of everything, but damn we pulled that shit off!" He grinned, trying to hide the slight blush on his cheeks by sending an appreciative smile towards Carlos.

"Heck yeah, we did!" The young woman laughed, kissing James on the cheek after he helped her pull herself up onto the high barstool. "I'm buying for all the dancers tonight!"

A round of cheers echoed as all the friends she had made over the past few weeks heard her exclamation. A few 'thanks' were heard, and she nodded a welcome towards them.

"You're too nice," Carlos's face took on a sour expression. His caramel-colored hair laid flat on his forehead as his brown eyes narrowed. He was 25 and was slim from his years of dancing, with a talent that was beyond his years. He had a flair for the dramatics, but coming from a big, loud family, his outgoing personality was practically engraved in him.

"I like to share what I have CC, especially to those who have worked so hard to help me." She pinched Carlos's cheeks, but he only shrugged her off making her giggle.

"Yeah, yeah we know you're an angel," He cooed at her.

"Pfft, I'm no angel, I'm a princess remember? I don't need wings to do what I do." She snapped her fingers in a Z-formation the way he always did to her. He bowed dramatically, making her throw her head back in laughter again.

"Well, princess or angel, you're still the best girl I know." He said sincerely, and her smile softened.

"Okay, enough of the mushy shit," James laughed. "Do you want me to run you home little one or do you want to stick around for around for a while?"

"Need to go potty, and then I will take myself home JJ. You stay and celebrate with CC, alright?" She posed it as a question, but she meant it as a demand.

To her, James was a saint who had taken her in and looked after her for years and she knew he didn't mind doing it. He'd been a protective, guiding hand in her life and she would never be able to thank him enough for all he'd done. He was only 23 years old, but she almost had to force him to go out and have his own fun sometimes. She pretended not to see the look that he gave her, instead her eyes wandered over the crowd aimlessly.

"Fine, but please be safe and call me if you need me." James finally broke knowing his young friend wouldn't let him out of this one.

"Always! Love you both." She grinned, happy that he was taking her advice.

The three friends shared a group hug before Carlos helped her down off the barstool. She waved the bartender, another friend of hers named Brandon, over to her. She asked him to put all the dancers and her two favorite boy's drinks on her tab. He happily did as she asked, and she thanked him before they did their secret handshake and she waved goodbye, disappearing into the crowd.

She had performed in this nightclub plenty of times before, so she knew her way around quite well. It was just a matter of pushing through bodies, and not being able to see over everyone that gave her trouble. She stood at about 5'5 on a good day, which she thought was average height, but people still seemed to tower over her. Finally, able to make it to the restroom, she quickly did her business before exiting.

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