2. My Oh My

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IMPORTANT: I do NOT own or claim rights to any of the MUSIC in this story.
*YES, some of the lyrics have been altered to fit the storyline better.
*However, the story itself is MINE, so please do not copy it. Thank you!

Six men grabbed for their guns immediately on high alert, as they squinted trying to make out anything in the darkness. Shuffling was heard in front of them as they all searched for the intruder, ready to shoot if necessary. When the lights flickered back on in one part of the club, loud music suddenly filling the room, their heads all snapped in that direction. Everyone except Jax, who was completely unbothered by the commotion, was left in confusion.

A line of people dressed in varying shades of red was seen before it went pitch black again. A second later the lights flickered across the room showing another line of people. The six men put their guns away and lowered their hands, as they all intently watched what they now assumed was the live show they were promised. They were intrigued by the odd start, even more so when the loud cheers started as soon as the dancers began to move together.

Jax sat back against the booth, taking another swig of whiskey as the two groups of dancers came together in the center of the room. He was mid pour when a sexy laugh rang in his ears and then a loud scream pierced the room making everybody go quiet again. Before anybody could react the sweetest voice, he had ever heard sounded in a breathy whisper of a song.

(Start Video! This is not how I wrote the performance out! But if you can't imagine how I wrote it in your head, this is just my favorite performance she does of this song!)

"They say he likes a good time," A deep chorus of 'my oh my' reverberated through the speakers from a backing track. The dancers took on a different stance, with each line the beautiful voice sang.

"He comes alive at midnight," The backtrack echoed 'every night'.

"My momma doesn't trust him," 'My oh my' was heard again as a spotlight shifted from the group of dancers and slowly trailed across the room towards Jax and his men, where Jax sat captivated by the alluring voice.

"He's only here for one thing but..." 'So am I' the backtrack echoed.

A dramatic pause ensuing before the spotlight showed the silhouette of a girl perched on the V.I.P. table. The lights flickered once more before showing the young woman's face clearly as if a veil had been dropped before her. All eyes were on her as she slowly lowered herself onto the table, crossing her legs in front of her.

Jax didn't know what caused him to freeze, his eyes directed on the woman and only her, as everything around them seemingly disappeared. He didn't even realize he was still holding the whiskey bottle upside down, the liquid now spilling over the brim of his glass. His lips were parted in aw, the air in his lungs evaporated. His hazy eye's slightly bugging as hers suddenly landed directly on him.

Her eyes lit up at the stranger, pursing her lips to keep a laugh in as she saw him pouring alcohol all over himself. She reached over, her fingertips sliding across the bottle of whiskey before tilting it up so no more liquid could escape. She smiled haughtily as him, before glancing towards the man who was waiting for her cue to start the music. She gave him a small nod, her legs slowly uncrossing before crossing again, the inviting movement not going over anyone's heads.

"A little bit older," Her chest moved to the beat of the song, her eyes easily drawn back to the man who was still staring at her with a look she couldn't quite decipher. Her lips pulled up in the corner as she leaned back towards him, reaching for the sleeve of his jacket.

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