Tanjiro Kamado; ☁️

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I present u best soft boi tanjirouuu😻

Tanjiro x Kuudere! Reader fluff
(Idk but i think i accidentally made it a bit angsty- sorry!! Also, there might be some plotholes so I'm sorry once again.)

Requested by: @MinakoAmami ~

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Living up on a hill alone with your sick mother wasn't easy. Being raised on a lonely hill away from society caused you to lack understanding with certain emotions. And now, with your sick mother, you have to work every morning and take care of her everyday at the same time was a huge task.

Your mother was attacked by a demon and she had survived because the sun was coming up. But, now she has a permanent injury for the rest of her life. At noon, she usually takes a nap. So, every single day you use this free time to go outside and sit under the tree on the edge of the hill, reading a book or of the sort.

Sure, it sounds boring and pathetic. But you were used to it, you were comfortable with living a life like this.

The only thing you were worried about was your mother, and how without her, you were going to be alone and guideless. Since you spend all your time repeating your daily routine, you find yourself having a hard time socializing. The only time you spoke to people was when you work and buy groceries.

You didn't have any friends, you didn't know how to start a casual conversation with someone, and you wouldn't know how to live, if your mother had gone.

It is terrifying.

If she was gone, you'd be clueless of what to do. What your purpose is.

So for now, the only thing you could do to erase your anxious thoughts was to immerse yourself in the fantasy world of a book.

The fresh air surrounded you on top of that hill, as you sat under a tree, the sun shone brightly down on the pages of the book you held in your hand. Drifting off from the words, something caught your attention in the corner of your eye.

Far down the hill.. Its that boy with the checkered haori again. Looks like he came today. Training, as usual. He swung his sword in the air repeatedly, before getting back into a stance. He had came almost every single day since last month to train, all by himself.

For what? You never really knew.

The red haired boy noticed you as his eyes locked with yours.

And as usual, he gave you that heartwarming smile and waved his hands to greet you from all the way down there.

'what a weird boy..'

The two of you had never shared a word to each other. But for some reason, ever since he had noticed your presence, your lonely and peaceful daily routine of reading books are interrupted with sounds of swooshing blade and warm greetings.

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