Chapter 10

  Run...that was the only thing on my mind when I heard the screams getting closer.  I ran as fast as I could, and thankfully I was able to run next to Niall.  

“I know we haven’t told you yet, but we thought you knew. The boys and I are in a band called One Direction. We are pretty famous, so that explains everything so far.” Niall said to me while we ran.  I thought back to the paparazzi, when we were at the hospital and Niall asking if I was a fan, it made sense to me. I wasn't too fazed by it, but it still caught me a little off guard.

"OK, but why are all of the girls so crazy?!" I asked, panting.  "And how did you get me from America to England?"  I asked was quite scary to think about...

  "We have...a private...jet..."  Niall sputtered out as we were still running.  

  "Woah..."  I said through my pants.  It looked as if the bags the guys were carrying were really slowing them down.  I was holding one of the Victoria's Secret bags, and my hands feel like they are going to fall off!   

  'Lets just try to get out of here, then we can go get lunch."  I told Niall.  

  "Good idea, I tell the guys!"  Niall said to me before running faster up to the guys.  I could still hear the girl's screams, but they were more distant.

  I saw Liam nod his head up in front of me and I followed them down an escalater.  When we ran out a elcetronic door thing, the guys ran through the parking lot, to a limo.  I followed them and once I got into the car, the shut the door.  All of us were gasping for breath...except for Harry and Liam, they were more of panting.  

  " place?"  Louis said to us, all of us nodding in agreement.

  "Chick fil' a?"  Zayn asked us, all of us nodding again.

  "To Chick...Fil'...A."  Harry shouted to the driver who pulled out of the parking lot, leaving the screaming fan girls behind us.  Thankfully, everyone's bags were scattered among us, but we were all safe, and thats what mattered.




Ugh, my tummy hurts!” Niall groaned.

“Ok, well I want to go in and eat about you all?” Liam told him.

  "Yeah, lets do that."  Louis said, smiling.  The driver stopped the vehicle and let us get out, we thanked him and made our way inside the fast food resturant.  As we walked inside, I saw something that looked familar.  The mid-back length blonde hair.  i felt quesy...then I reminded myself it could be anyone.  The boys and I moved up in line.  I told Niall my order and put all of my focase into the girl  She turned around with a tray of trash and I met her eyes.

  Oh God, please help me!” I said in my mind, scared of what would happen to me and the boys.

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