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Today is where I simply state some random stuff that pisses me off.


I had such a good idea for a rant but then I forgot it.

The presidential election is today, blah blah blah. #TeamObama!

Anyway today I got nothing. This'll probably be the last rant I ever do, I don't know. So I shall rant about whatever comes in my head.

So I read a terriblest book the other day. It was SHOCKING. It was unrealistic, awful grammar, and completely stupid situations. I just wanted to send the author a link to this chapter, lol...

For the site that prides itself as "the largest ebook community" or whatever they call it, is that really a good thing? Quality, my friends.

'Oh well who gives a f*** imma just write a book. give me votes give me reads and ill fan you ttyl ily'


According to my unreliable source Wikipedia, most of Wattpad is made up by teenagers. Fortunately, the info is most likely correct.

You can tell. Some of those teenagers are either downright lazy, had a terrible education or can't write for shit, pardon my French.

And I am a teenager!! Really, if you want to write a horrible cliché romance, at least have some idea about writing a story. I am in no means discouraging young or less confident authors, but at least do your spellcheck.

I seriously don't care what I write today. In my real life, I am a teenage columnist who works for a newspaper, which involves a whole load of CHECKING and EDITING.

Some people here have never even tried it!

"But Ruby your Wattpad Rants is just as bad with grammar and spelling and you bang out whatever comes to mind" (*insert whiny voice here*)

Well this is different. This book is nowhere near serious. It's just my write-in-five-minutes thing where I unload crap from my brain, and I really don't care so you can go away, please.

But truly, I am grateful to everybody who even bothers to comments. Plus all you sexy people have started to check out my other stuff, which is a real bonus!

Maybe one day I will have my own army...

So thank you, wattpad people, for choosing to waste your valuable time to read my rants. Because this is a passage of my mind that I am sharing with you all.

Soon  I will place a green tick on this book, and we can all move on with our lives.

(future A/N: this is not the end here)

And one more thing....



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