EXTRA: A Few Words From Thomas About Minho

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Hey! It's Thomas. So, Minho is very sassy. Pretty sure we have already established that, right? Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed this book! This this story if you ship Thominho, and vote for this chapter if you ship Newtmas.
Anyways, back onto the subject of Minho!
Minho loves to think of himself as Fabulous. But I'm the fabulous one. You can also tell Minho that The Maze Runner is not about him, it's literally about me. But Minho is so sassy, I suggest you practice your sass so you can shove it all in his face. 😂
Ya know, just do anything to tell him off. Sass him. Be s-a-s-s-y and don't let him sass you back! Good luck!

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