22 Jump Street

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As everyone go comfortable in their onesies, I started the universe.

Blade: Ok before I start this, I have a two things to say. 1. Shigaraki is a girl and is All For One's daughter, and 2. Midoriya is a villain. Now let's begin. 

The Screen opens to show deku with red eyes, wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a black tie with black dress pants and black shoes. " Captain, we have something really really important to tell you about." Deku said as he gets interrupted by Dabi putting on a bullet proof vest. 

Toga: Why would Dabi put on a vest?

Deku: Don't know

Stain: He probably did something

" Captain?" Deku looks at Dabi. " Dabi, you wearing kevlar?" Deku asks. The screen then switches to All For One in a glass office. " Now gentlemen, we not gonna sit here and pretend, there's not a big ass elephant in the room" All For one said as he slams his hand on his desk. " What the fuck is going on?" Deku asks. 

Gran Torino: I am confused as well

Fuyumi: Touya obviously did something since he's wearing a vest

Dabi: Yea probably

All For One then turns a picture frame on his desk around. " This is what the fuck is going on" All For One said. It then shows a picture of a female Shigaraki. 

Shigaraki: What the hell?

Nana: You look good, just not with those scars

The screen then switches between Deku and the picture of Shigaraki as the music gets intense. It then stops on Deku as a lightbulb goes off in his head. " Oh shit, oh shit Hahahahah" Deku says as he gets out of chair and looks at Dabi. " Oh shit, no! That is not happening right now!" Deku says as Dabi looks at him saying ' Your making it worse'. Deku then walks out of the glass office.  " Aye y'all, he's fucking the captain's daughter" Deku says as he making a sex sign. Dabi looks at Deku saying ' He's an asshole'. 

Dabi: WHAT!?

Shigaraki: THE FUCK?!

Eri: Daddy, what does that mean?

Deku: D-Don't do that Eri, it's v-very inappropriate 

Eri: Ok daddy

" Every time he say that shit, that's another foot in yo ass" All For One says as he crosses his arms. Deku then runs up to one of the glass. " Dabi. You clearly" Deku pushes his face against the glass. " Yo, this is the best thing ever! HAHAH" Deku laughs. " Dabi, fucked the captain's daughter" Deku said. 

Kamui Woods: I guess he hates him

Mt. Lady: No shit dumbass

Tokoyami: Midoriya looks like he is having the time of his life

Deku then starts running past Toga. " Dabi fucked the captain's daughter! Dabi fucked the captain's daughter! Dabi fucked the captain's daughter!" Deku sings as he keeps running past Toga who starts to look from confused then annoyed. 

Toga: I would join in

Mr. Compress: Of course you would

 Deku then comes back into the office. " SHIT! F-HAHA-UCK! You fucked Captain's daughter?! Captain, what the f- you bragged him to his face. To his actual face. Captain... do you understand that this face" Deku points to Dabi. " You bragged to that face. Captain you actually high-fived Dabi for FUCKING you daughter. HOLY SHIT! Oh my god. This is" All For One slams his hand his desk. " It's really not that funny" Deku said as he sits down and puts his hand to his chin and looks away. 



" I just want to say it was bizarre, not to share the fact that your daughter went to NC state" Dabi says. " I think it's bizarre that I haven't cut your mothafucking nuts off" All For One said. 

Everyone laughs

Katsumi: hahaha

Toga: hehehe

Deku: hahaha

Dabi: Why do I sound like a little bitch?

Shigaraki: Because you are one

Kaminari: Got em

Jiro: Shut up idiot

" What if... Captain gets to punch you in the face, one time, really really, really hard?" Deku says to Dabi. " Nah. I got something way better than that" All For One says as the music intensifies. It then shows All For One tazing Dabi's nuts.

 The Screen darkens. 

Every man winces at what happened to Dabi

Mei: You alright Izuku?

Deku: Y-Yea I'm good

Blade: Alright let get to the next one








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