Chapter 2

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Camila (Mrs. Cabello) POV

I stood there in shock as she talked. She said I was beautiful. Yeah I have heard 'perfect ass' and I'm 'oh so fuckable' but no ones ever called me beautiful. She stopled talking and I smiled as she scolded herself. She was so cute and funny and smart. She seemed so mature for a.. How old is she? I saw students pour into the room and class began. "Good morning class! I am Mrs. Cabello! I am hoping for a great year with you guys." I said smiling and I looked around the room to see a bunch of tierd teens. "Okay so as I call the roll I want you to tell me your age, favorite subject, and a role model dead or alive." I said and they all waited thinking over answers. I went through not really listening. I had a few 16 years olds, a lot of 17, and like 2 18 year olds. "Lauren Jauregui." I said and she stood up quickly. "Okay role model would be Plato because he has some amazing quotes and he is- to me a smart guy. Not book smart but more of what we would call street smart. He has the uncommon common sense and that showed through his enormous amount of inspiring quotes. I am 18, not because I failed but because my birthday is late. My favorite subject is Music." She said and sat down.

Shes 18! That means I can legally kiss her and- Camila no you are not kissing her! I called off the rest if the names and the bell rung. "Okay guys you may leave. See you tomorrow." I said and people left the room. I saw even Lauren was gone. I frowned the grabbed my phone. I dialed Dinah's number.

D: Heyy girl how's teaching brats?
C: Fine.
D: Meet any hot teachers.
C: Kind of.
D: Ohh- wait tell me about it at home got to go.
C: Okay bye. Love you
D: Bye love you too.

I sat down and heard the door close. I looked up and saw no one at the door. I saw someone running down the hallway. "Hey!" I called out and they stopped. "What?" A familiar voice said not looking. "Come here." I said my voice softening. "Why should I?" Lauren said and turned around. "Come on." I said and she walked into my room with her lunch bag in her hand. "What's up?" I asked her leaning against my desk and she sat in her normal desk. "Nothing." She said opening her lunch. "What's wrong I should say." I asked her. "Nothing." I leaned closer and let my shirt hang low. Her eyes didn't shift down. "What's going on Lauren?" I asked her looking into her deep green mesmerizing eyes. "Who where you talking to?" She asked me looking away. "Ahh you heard my conversation with Dinah." I said standing up. She nodded slowly. "Dinah's my best friend and roommate." I said and her face dropped. "Now I feel stupid." She said and took a sip of her water. I smiled softly. "So what's up?'' I said leaning against my desk and her in her seat. "Um well I didn't want to sit in the cafeteria because there loud. Usually I sit outside but it is January and cold outside." She said like it was obvious. "Oh. Well I just have some work to do." I said and walked around my desk I felt her eyes on me as I walked. "If I am bothering you I can go." She said going to stand up. "Oh no no. Your fine stay." I said and sat down in my chair. I looked down at the paper but still felt her eyes on me.

The bell rang and Lauren stood up. "Um I'll be back. I have to get stuff from my locker." She said and I nodded. Once she walked out the room I got on my phone quickly. I went straight to twitter and searched her name. I found her page and smiled. I flipped through the many pictures of her self. I smiled at how a simple picture in the mirror looked so amazing. Her beautiful eyes glistened looking over a lake from the summer I assume. I flipped to the next one to see her standing on the beach with a girl obviously younger than her, her sister maybe, and a guy not older than Lauren but older than the other girl. I read the tweet. 'Family. It is always there but can't always save you.' What does that mean? I took a closer look and saw the ripples on Lauren stoumach showing from her bikini. She has abs? Yes she does. But not the normal 'girl abs' it was the 'holy shit abs' I bit my lip as the bell rung again signalling it was time for music. I stayed on my phone because no one was in the class yet. I bit my lip as more and more pictures of Lauren in a bikini showed up. I heard the dood open and jumped slightly. I dropped my phone and it slid across the room.

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