PROLOGUE | The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

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Taliana Avilla knew she loved Sebastian Phillips from the moment he dropped his beloved vanilla ice cream cone on her lap back in preschool

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Taliana Avilla knew she loved Sebastian Phillips from the moment he dropped his beloved vanilla ice cream cone on her lap back in preschool. Of course, she never told him that. No, she just picked up the cold, creamy substance and thrust it in his face instead. He had cried and she had screamed that he was a poop head.

In kindergarten he had stolen her favorite Barbie doll and cut off all its hair. She retaliated by cutting his hair during naptime.

By first grade it was full out war. He had pushed her off the monkey bars, causing her to fall and scrape both of her knees. The next day she "accidentally" slammed his forehead into the flagpole. He had a bruise for at least two weeks.

Second grade was the year of rumors and secrets. Sebastian had spread a particularly vicious one about how she had a crush on one of the boys in their class and kissed him whenever the teacher turned her back. Taliana returned the favor by telling everyone Sebastian wet his pants when he was nervous. She even proved it by pouring a glass of lemonade on his crotch when no one was looking.

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