EXTRA: A Few Words From Newt About Minho

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Hello. I'm Newt. Sure you've heard of me. So, I'm here to talk about Minho. Minho is incredibly sassy. He loves to sass people in and out of the glade. He thinks he's fabulous but everyone knows I'm the fabulous one in the Glade. So don't listen to that.
Can you sass people now? Just like Minho?
Oh, and personally, I don't ship Thominho. I ship Newtmas all the way. Obviously enough. Anyways, Minho is a shuck face. But he's my best friend. He wouldn't admit it this way, but he's honoured to have a sass book about him
Oh! And don't forget, The Maze Runner is not about Minho.
It's about me!😉

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