Chapter 1 (Iris POV)

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I was on my way to work when it happened. My phone dinged and there it was a weverse notification. Nothing special right. Wrong. BTS was having a tour that was coming to Texas. This was my chance. I Could finally see them and maybe meet them at the fan meet. It was 2018 and I would finally see them, yes I had only been ARMY for a little over a year now, but I was ARMY, and I would not miss this chance. I had 4 days till ticket sales and I was going to get that day off work, or just skip work all together but hopefully I won't have to.

I walked into a small little cafe and got to work. I took orders and made drinks for four hours. I walked to the back and sat down, my boss (who knew of my love for BTS) came up to me and sat down. He looked really intimidating but he's really a huge softie.

"I'm guessing you want Friday off?" he asked

"Maybe" I replied

"If you work Monday for Gabriel you can have Friday off."

He was always straightforward. I had tried to get past this wall of his multiple times just to be given more hours. Which was great, but i wanted someone to talk to someone to be my friend.

"Yes, sir. I can do that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

I could have sworn I had seen a smile beginning to form as he walked away.

Five hours later I was rushing home. I couldn't wait to tell my parents that BTS were coming and that I had the day off work to get the best tickets I could.

When I got home I was surprised. Why? My parents were on the front porch waiting for me to get home. I knew why. I turned 18 tomorrow so at midnight I would get my soul marks. They brought me into the house silently. I was confused until i saw that they set my room up so i could watch TV and you tube to pass the time till then. My mom was in tears. She was so happy she loved soulmates, but both my parents had one belief that many people share. And that was that if you had more than one soulmate you stole someone else's. I did not believe this, however I did not let my parents know this. So for the next 4 hours we watches Disney movies. When it was 11:50 my dad set off the TV with a fond look in his eyes and said

"Remember, you will always be our baby, but now you will be bonded to somebody else who will love you with all their heart. I hope you find him soon."

All i could reply with was

"I love you both so much"

10 seconds. 10 seconds till my life changed.

9 seconds. 9 seconds till I was a legal adult.

8 seconds. 8 seconds till reality hit.

7 seconds. 7 seconds till my world turned upside down.

6 seconds. 6 seconds till my mark showed me my other half.

5 seconds. 5 seconds till my new forever started.

4 seconds. 4 seconds till I had to grow up.

3 seconds. 3 seconds,  I breathe in

2 seconds. 2 seconds, I breathe out

1 second. 1 second. I look down

I looked down at my wrist and there was not one but 7 soul marks. Each in a circle going up my inner arm starting at my wrist. The first one has a white background with weights in the middle. The second one has a galaxy-like background with Saturn in the middle. The third one a light yellow background with a pack of matcha mochis in the middle. The fourth one is black and white with headphones in the middle. The fifth one is simply a sunset. The sixth one is also black and white but this one has music notes coming off of a keyboard. And the last one is a deep red background with a bowl of Korean ramen in the middle. The different marks were connected by a single dot in between them all. I'm in love. These marks. These perfect marks. I couldn't wait to meet them. I looked up at my parents to see their eyes filled with hate. My father spoke first.

"I hope you find them soon. I'm giving you a year. If you don't find them in a year, you can live on the streets. You're such a disgrace"

He stormed out of the room. I've never seen him so disappointed. My mother spoke next

"Why Iris, why? Could you not be grateful for one. Why did you have to steal other peoples soulmates?"

She left with tears in her eyes, except this time they were not tears of happiness.

I cried. I just lost my family. They would never do anything for me now. But one thing I knew I had to do now. Get those tickets, I had to see them. I had to have something to look forward to, something to keep me happy, and alive till I found my soulmates. I now had nothing. I have no friends because I was home schooled and graduated two years early. Nobody at work seemed to like me, I seemed to be just a work buddy. And now my only family hated me. But I would not let that get me down. I Had found self love through BTS. I learned how to handle being autistic. So no i would not fall into a dark hole of depression, anxiety and self hate again. No. I was on a mission, well two. First, get BTS tickets and go to the concert. And second, find at least one of my soulmates, whom I had no idea who they were, or where.

A/N: The rest of the story will be told in Iris' POV unless stated otherwise. I really hope you enjoy the story that is to come.

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