A TRIP TO SEV' ELEV' (Slushpuppies)

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(Slushpuppies = Brooke x Michael)

Michael Mell got into his car and looked at the passenger seat to see his new girlfriend Brooke Lohst looking at him. He bit his lip and snorted slightly. She pulled out her purse and cursed. "I don't have any money!" she exclaimed. Michael smiled gently. "Want to stop and get some?" he asked. Brooke nodded. Michael then grinned. "I know just the place.."

Ten minutes later, Michael's battered PT Cruiser pulled up in the parking lot of Seven Eleven. He stopped the car and Brooke hopped out of the car. Michael parked it and then followed, entering the Seven Eleven. He saw Brooke by the ATM and he went over, surprising Brooke. She squeaked. "I thought you'd be looking at the slushies!" she exclaimed. Michael nodded. "Yes, but I want to know what you want." Brooke's shoulders relaxed and she giggled. "Cherry please!" Michael kissed her on the cheek (causing the shorter girl to squeak and blush) and went over to the Slushy machines. he took two cups and filled one up with cherry and one with blue raspberry. He went and picked up a chocolate bar and a big packet of crisps and went to the counter. 

He recognised the person working at the counter and dumped the items onto the table. "Hi Leo." Leo had long blonde hair and a nose piercing. He grinned. "Hi Michael. What brings you here today?" Michael grinned. "My girlfriend needed to use the ATM." Leo raised a brow. "You got yourself a girl? Congrats Man!" Michael blushed. Brooke then approached Michael and held onto his arm. Her green eyes looked up into Michael's brown. "You sure you don't want me to pay?" Michael shook his head. "Of course. " Brooke nodded and Michael saw Leo smirk at him. Michael got the hint and stood up straight. "Brooke, this is my friend Leo." Brooke grinned and held out her hand. "Hi! I'm Brooke!" Leo took the hand and started ringing up the items.

He looked at the computer and held out his hand. "That's $20 please!" Michael nodded and placed the money required in Leo's hand. Brooke grabbed her slushy and the chocolate bar and made a beeline for the car. Michael chuckled and picked up the other items. Leo rolled his eyes. "Got yourself a keeper mate." Michael felt his face go red and he thanked the older boy before running after his girlfriend.

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