Foreign Affairs Chapter 6

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Author’s Note: I know that Ramundu lives on an island, but I changed it to living in the sky. Islands are boring.

The next few days, Caspian and I grew closer and closer but I was still shock he gave me a ring. It was a simple ring, no diamonds or inscription. Somehow, I liked it. But I was still confuse to why he would give me a ring. 

“Just something to remember me by if…you go back,” he said the last part with sadness. I never took off the ring. 

Later on, Caspian and I were walking around the castle. It was almost nighttime. There were few people walking around. Suddenly a loud outburst of shouts came up ahead of us. A runaway horse was galloping fast towards Caspian and I. It’s legs were tangled with a rope. 

“Watch out!” Someone yelled. Someone pushed me out of the way. I rolled onto the ground, frozen. Caspian appeared next to my side. He was shaking me. 

“Ava? Ava?” His words drowned out as I fainted. 


“Now, remember not to pull on the horse’s mane. They don’t like that,” the stable boy instructed to my parents. They were both on a horse, ready for a horseback riding. I stayed back since I was too small and young at the age of eleven. I cross my arms, frowning. 

I was vacationing with my parents on summer break to go to California. The thing I wanted to do was have horseback riding around the lake. This was not what I had planned.

Not fair, they get to ride, and I have to stay back. I look in the stable to see one horse eating oats. I look back at my parents. They weren’t paying attention. I snuck inside the stable and approached the horse. It stopped eating the oats and stared at me. He was a beautiful horse. I guess that he was an American quarter horse. 

“They’ll be proud that I got on the horse all by myself.” I said to myself as I open the door for the horse to get out. I took the reins; placing my left foot on the stirrup and swung myself over. The horse neighed and kicked it’s front and back legs. 

“Whoa!” I shouted. My grip tightened on the reigns as the horse neighed and galloped out of the stable. 

“Mom! Dad!” I screamed. 

“Ava!” They both shouted. They were screaming and shouting as they raced after me. The horse kicked its front legs. I lost my grip, sliding off the horse and fell into the lake. The horse neighed loudly as a dart was shot in his legs. He lost balance and fell towards me. 


“And then what happened?” Caspian. We were both in my room. I was in my bed and Caspian was by my side. 

“My parents never took me to horseback riding or near any horses at all. The stable boy was new, he didn‘t know that the horse dislike children. They were both amazing parents. I couldn’t ask for more.” I brought my knees up to rest my chin on. 

“Are they still alive?” He ask. I gave a small smile and start picking on a loose thread that was on my blanket. 

“Sadly no, they died in a car accident. I move to New York to live with my aunt and took up a job until I had enough money to move out on my own.” 

“You are a very woman, Ava,” Caspian said.  

“Caspian, why did you leave?” I ask. He stood up and walked around my room, admiring things as he touched them before he finally spoke.

“Ramandu, the retired star, called me to talk to him. It seems that Lilliandil, his daughter, will be staying with us for quite a while.” 


“She's….my fiance.” 


The next morning, I stayed in bed. Fiance? Then why did he give me this ring and the book? I am so confused. The door open to reveal Mrs. Buttercup coming in with a tray of breakfast. 

“Still in bed? I thought you’d be dressed by now.” Said Mrs. Buttercup as she set the tray on my nightstand. I sighed and fell backwards, hitting the pillows. 

“I’m not in the mood, Mrs. Buttercup. I feel homesick and depressed.” I said staring up at the canopy bed. 

“Well eat, you’re nothing but skin and bones.” Mrs. Buttercup said as she open the curtains and the balcony door. I squinted my eyes against the blinding sun light. 

“Smell that fresh air.” Mrs. Buttercup said as she took in a whiff of air. She then open my closet to pick out a dress. 

“Mrs. Buttercup, is it true that Caspian is engaged to Lilliandil?” She sighed as she place my heels next to the dress. 

“I’m not sure dear, you’ll have to ask Caspian yourself.” I slid out of my bed and let Mrs. Buttercup dress me in a green dress that had a short train in the back. The front looked like a corset, the sleeves ended with a bell sleeve which was silk. I slip on a pair of silver heels and sat in front of the vanity mirror to let Mrs. Buttercup work on my hair. 

My hair was half up and half down. Loose curls were cascading down my shoulders. Mrs. Buttercup had added some small braids to twist into a small flower. 

“What’s the special occasion?” I ask when I stepped out of the room. 

“The whole castle is meeting Lilliandil.” 



Turns out it was a celebration of Lilliandil and Caspian’s engagement. The dining hall was sorted with different kinds of creatures, laughing and eating. Some even came up to the end of the table where Caspian and Lilliandil sat to congratulate them. Lilliandil was simply beautiful. She had long blonde hair that were ringlets and cascaded down her back. She was wearing a white simple dress with an empire waist and flowed a blue light.

I caught Caspian’s eyes looking my way but I turn my head and talk to Snow White, the centaur. It was her nickname I gave her because of her pale complexion and dark ebony hair. She was very kind and weren’t so hot tempered like other centaurs. 

“You look beautiful tonight, Ava,” Snow White complimented. 

“Thank you, as do you.”

“To King Caspian and his soon to be Queen Lillaindil!” Trufflehunter said, raising his glass. I raise my glass along with everyone. Caspian never took his eyes off me the whole night. 

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