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Shouto had fallen in love with Izuku how could he not.

Izuku saved Shouto from the swirling storm inside himself, and then they became friends.

Best Friends.


But let's not talk about that right now let's skip months back to when Shouto was curled up on the common room couch, his fluffy white blanket around him keeping him warm.


Shoto gets nightmares, often.

He likes the common room couch as it remind him of his classmates, You can't quite figure out the smell of the couch as many of there classmates had rumbled around on it mixing up the scents but one thing for sure is that it feels safe.


Shouto froze up. 'why was someone still in the dorms?'

Shouto was sure that everyone else had went home for the holidays so why..?

"Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you, honestly I thought I was all by myself ahaha" Ochaco flushed, clearly not expecting anyone else to be in the dorms.





'What should I say to her, I haven't left yet cause I'm scared to go home, to be left with Endeavour'

"Y-you can come and stay at my house for the 2 weeks"

Shouto's head shoots up to look at her, eyes widened, "I said that out loud?"

"yeah you did, you don't need to talk about if you don't want to but.." Ochaco sounds as if she's going to continue what she said and well she does, just through her actions. Ochaco gets closer to Shouto and slowly pulls at the blanket over Shouto's left shoulder and wraps her self around the blankets as well.

"I don't know your story but we're friends so I-if you n-need a shoulder to cry o-on, I'm here o-okay",

'Ironic' Shouto thinks 'Uraraka sounds like she's the one about to cry'

Shouto feels a finger brush under his non-scared cheek and of course he flinches

"Sorry" a quiet voice mutters, and then he feels the same finger on his cheek again, and he doesn't shy away this time. Ochaco's touch is soft. It doesn't hit Shouto until the touch is gone and only then does he realizes that Ochaco was whipping his tears away. Embarrassed from letting his emotions out Shouto hides his face in Ochaco's shoulder, which only makes matters worse as Ochaco runs her hand through Shouto's hair, muttering sweet words.

Roses, Ochaco smells of roses.

It hits Shouto minutes later that Ochaco reminds him of Fuyumi.


"Sorry there isn't much room"

"No, your apartment is fine, Uraraka"

Shouto was meant to sleep on the couch, until it broke that is, so now he's sharing a bed with Ochaco. They both agreed that it was okay because after all Shouto was gay, and would never want to hurt her. All Shouto remembers thought from that night was a bunch of random questions some like what's your favourite colour. ("Favourite colour?" "White." "That not a colour, Todo" "I can see it therefore it's a colour to me") or when was his birthday. ("January 11th" "huh so soon" "I guess so")

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