Part 2

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[In Tommy's POV]

     You stand onstage with Adam, waiting for that moment.  That moment that has been haunting you.  That moment that you just can't wait for.

     "But could you be m-mine?"  He sings, leaning dangerously close to you.  You shift your bass over.  Adam gives you his best sexy look, and saunters away.  He didn't even tussle your hair!  You stand there, lips pursed, foolishly waiting for him to kiss you.

     "Adam!"  You mumble under your breath.  Adam continues doing his little dance onstage.  Subconsciously, you follow him around.  You tap Adam on the shoulder.  He turns around, somewhat confused.  You purse your lips.

     "Sorry Kitty, not tonight."  Adam taunts you.  You glare at him.  The audience laughs, turning your face red.  You go back to you spot and pout.  You'll get him.  At the end of the song, you block Adam's path.

     "Come on Babyboy, for me?"  You yank Adam down and get that long deserved kiss.

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