1. Everything Happens For A Reason

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Kael woke up in the hotel bed with Jace asleep next to her. Her eyes were swollen and throbbing from all of the crying she had done earlier. She sat up and looked over at Jace for a moment. She didn't want to believe what her memory was telling her, happened earlier. It couldn't be true. Impossible. Kael reached to her left side and grabbed her cellphone off of the nightstand that was next to her side of the bed. She unlocked it with her thumbprint and stared at her background screen. It was a picture of Jace holding Caden close to his face so they were cheek to cheek. She loved that picture from an impromptu photoshoot the three of them had together. She remembered it like it was yesterday.

It was right after Kael told Jace she was pregnant that night after they had gotten Caden ready for bed, Jace was going on and on about knowing in his heart that they would have a girl this time. Kael melted at the sight of him and Caden together. Having a little girl would be the icing on the cake for their little family. She was happy and excited. Her life, THEIR life was perfect in her eyes. She had forgiven him time and time again for his infidelities and he forgave her for her one. It didn't matter that their son may not be HIS because he was THEIRS together, no matter what. Jace made it clear that he was Caden's father regardless of what any piece of paper said.

"This my first born son...MY son!...and I'm gonna be there no matter what anyone has to say about it!" Jace told Kael the night they found out that Caden would ultimately be Erik's due to how his DNA was changing.

Sitting in bed beside her husband, made Kael's feel nauseous. How could he? The man that she has been in love with for eleven years, found happiness with someone else. Now, there was an innocent child involved. Two innocent children were now in the middle of a huge mess. One being Jace's eight year old and Caden. Caden has a big sister now. He wasn't Jace's first born like she thought. The one thing that made her feel irreplaceable, like many women, wasn't the truth.

Kael opened up the text thread and read every message over again. And again. Her heart hurt but she didn't have any more tears to shed. Before she could lock her phone, Erik's caller ID picture popped up. She didn't answer nor did she ignore the call, hoping that he would assume she was still sleeping. He didn't. Erik's picture popped up on the screen again. Reluctantly, Kael answered and stood up to walk away from Jace. When she closed herself in the bathroom, she turned on the shower before she spoke.

"Hey. What's up? Is Pooh okay?" She asked, trying to clear the ears stuck in her.

"Yeah, he good...but are you good?" Erik responded.

It was close to seven in the morning in California so Erik and Caden were surely awake in Houston. Kael told Erik she was fine as she sat down to use the restroom but he wasn't buying it. He knew something had happened because something jerked him up out of his sleep a few hours ago and for the life of him, he didn't know what it was until he realized he was feeling small electric shocks in his fingertips.

"Kae, don't lie to me, I know somethings going on with you." He told her.

There was a brief pause between the two of them before Wrik spoke again in a softer tone. "I can feel it."

Kael went silent as her eyes started to burn from the straining they did to allow small tears to escape down her cheeks. She wasn't good by any means but, she didn't want to tell Erik that. He would be on the first flight to Los Angeles if it meant being there for her.

"Kaelynn!" Erik called out her name.

"I'm here. I'm fine." She lied. "I was about to get in the shower when you called. Can I call you back?"

"You sure? You know you can talk to me, Kae." Erik reassured her.

She told him she would call him later so the call could end. Kael cleaned herself after she was done using the restroom. When she looked at the tissue out of habit, she saw a red streak. Trying not to panic, she stayed seated for a minute or two before she wiped herself again. There was still a red streak but this time it was very light. Letting out her breath, Kael stood up and flushed the toilet before she stepped into the shower. Her back and lower belly were lightly cramping, but she wasn't alarmed because for her it wasn't unusual. She just needed to eat something which she would make sure she did as soon as she was done. Leaning her head back so she was completely under the ceiling shower head, Kael tried to find peace in her mind. She knew she needed to accept what was and confront Jace about it to get some answers.

After taking a shower and finishing her morning hygiene, Kael got dressed and ordered room service. She knew she needed to eat something even though she had no appetite. While she was sitting at the table eating her fruit parfait, Jace's phone went off. Kael tried to ignore it like she usually does, but something told her to check it to see what notification it was. When she walked over to his side of the bed and picked up his phone, she saw that he had a new text message from a contact he had saved as Mistake.

Kael unlocked his phone to see the full text.

• Hey! Are you still coming over before you pick of Cali?•

That was it for Kael. Angry wasn't a strong enough word to describe what Kael was feeling. She tried to walk away and just leave but she couldn't.

"Jace!" She called out his name.

When he didn't move, she called out his name louder.

"Jayceon, wake up!" Kael said a little louder.

When he still didn't respond to her, she hit him open-handed with both of her hands.

"WHAT THE FUCK, KAELYNN!" Jace just up off of his pillow.

Holding her phone so the text thread with the messages and photo showed on the screen, "So when were you going to tell me you have an eight-year old daughter named Cali?" Jace let his frowned brows loose and looked at the phone in Kael's hand.

Closing his eyes again with a sigh, "This bitch!" he said under his breath but loud enough for Kael to hear.

Sitting up in the bed and switching on the nightstand land. He runs his hands down his face before he started to speak.

"Baby, I'm sorry. I should have told you. I jus'.." he didn't have time to finish speaking before Kael cut him off.

"You just what? Fucked around on me and got the bitch pregnant and hid it from me? Did our relationship mean that little to you that you would hide something like that from me? Do you not care enough about your own flesh and blood to not claim that beautiful little girl?" Kael yelled out. "So again, I ask you..you just what, Jace?" Kael asked him with tears falling from her eyes.

Jace had no words to say. He fucked up and bad. He just sat there and looked at the wall because he couldn't bear to look at his wife sitting there crying with a defeated look on her face. He turned to try and look at her, but all he saw were her eyes. Those beautiful eyes that he had been hypnotized by for eleven years now. The same eyes that he prayed their unborn daughter would have when she was born. He couldn't look at her so he just let his head fall.

"I'll leave. I fucked up. There ain't no excuse I can give 'bout any of it. I fucked up... I'll go...Jus' please don't keep my kids from me." He said as he looked up at Kael, who was still standing in front of him, with his tears now falling down his cheeks.

"Keep the kids from you like you kept your daughter from me for all these years? I wouldn't do that to you because that's one of the most fucked up things you can do to a person!" She snaps.

The dog hurt, but Jace took it. He had no choice.

Kael sat down on the edge of the hotel bed and grabbed her stomach when she felt something warm dripping down her leg. Already knowing the worst was happening, she tried to hold herself together.

"Jace, I need to go to the hospital...I think I'm having a miscarriage."

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