Chapter 9: Manuscripts

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Tyler's POV

I slowly released her waist, gently nudging her away and putting distance between us before I did something irrational.

"Tea?" She asked, already backing up to the door.

"Tea." I agreed, exiting her room with her and heading towards the kitchen.


Tyler's POV

"Bullshit. Bullshit. And more bullshit." Winter sighed, shuffling through some of my book manuscripts.

"I say we burn the evidence of this EVER existing on this planet." She stated, shaking her head in enormous disapproval.

"I only needed to ask you one question on it..." I said, baffled by her reactions.

"Unless that question is bonfire or fireplace, one question won't save this." She replied, already reaching for a red pen.

She suddenly got up and shuffled towards the kitchen window unlocking the latch, and throwing open the glass planes. In one fluid motion she tossed my entire manuscript out the window.

"Problem fixed."She stated, please with herself.

"Yo-You just... You did not just..." I stood there, baffled at what the actual hell just happened.

"Now let's see that jump drive you have." She replied, opening up her hand.

"I don't have a jump drive... THAT WAS MY ONLY COPY!"

"Oh... That's unfortunate... Looks like I'm working from scratch! She declared, grabbing my hand and pulling me down the hall towards a random room.

"Winter! Let g-" I stopped my whining when she opened the door. In front of me stood a fairly large room, walls covered in bookcases and records. There were a couple old antique record players laid around.

There is the center back was a large dark oak desk, with the most beautiful item I have ever had the chance to lay my eyes upon.

Before me stood a freaking type writer!

"Welcome to my Literature Cave, make yourself at home and let's get started!." She said, with newfound enthusiasm and a glint in her eyes I couldn't quite understand.

Yes, I am positive you guys want to kill me right now... But I have a legitimate excuse! Two words: Mock Trail. And I just have to ask, did any of you guys see that Flash vs Arrow crossover? #justcant! So I will try to upload wayyyy more frequently and my apologies for just a short filler chapter. Bare with me, it gets better.

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