Don't get caught

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I was on my way to school and I saw the bitch Nikki making out with ray, isn't she dating Corhan its a shame, she always cheats on him, its a shame he is blinded by love. I never knew love can do that to, that's why I try to stay way from love, can't afford to get my heartbroken.You have so much trust in the person your in love with but they turn around and cheat on you with no emotions, but that's none of my business, I just go to school and learn nothing more.

I finally reached to my worst and longest nightmare, high school. To me This nightmare never stops, I'm always getting tortured, by a group of " wannabes". I walked into the double doors, then I walked to my locker, all of a sudden a girl pushed me to the wall" watch it bitch" , a random girl said, the  girl  had red hair. There's dozens of red heads in this school, but by the way she was dressed smh, that got to be Nikki. "Ugh", I hate her with a passion, I never did anything to her so why does she always have to bully me? I got my books out of my locker and walk to my math class.

When I walked inside the class, the whole classroom was quiet, everyone was staring at me like I just killed somebody or something.I felt so uncomfortable right now, I had a lump in my throat after that award moment, I sat down in my seat and that was in the middle section, then a tall light skin boy with curls wearing a  a purple shirt that says dirty sprite, with distressed rip jeans and purple and black Jordan 12  Man that boy can dress. 

"Hello you must be our new student", said my teacher Ms.Marie. "Yes mam", said the new guy. 

"Whats your name young man. "My name is Deon".Well Deon you can set down next to Nikki with the red  hair".Then he sat down next to Nikki, let's see if she could get him before the other hoes around here.

*In art class period 4*

I was in art class finishing one of my master piece once again, it was a ring of fire in  shape of a  heart, with a girl in the middle and every one else is out of the ring of fire , just walking by here not caring in the world for the girl. I finally finished my painting, I smiled to myself feeling like I achieved something " that's amazing painting ", someone said.  I turned my head and saw it was Deon. " thank you", I said in a low voice. Then Nikki, came and bumped into me on purpose, making my paintbrush fall. " Oops, I didn't mean to bump into Cj, let me get you paintbrush", Nikki in a innocent voice, she bend over slowing, right in front of Deon. She is such a attention seeker, she knew what she was doing. Deon seemed like he was enjoying the view, he bit his bottom lip and couldn't stop looking at Nikki's ass in those short short, she was wearing. "  here your paintbrush, see you later Deon" biting her lip seductively. " unbelievable", i mumbled. " what? ", said Deon. " Nothing, just don't catch an std, when your with that trash".   

Then the bell ring, off to lunch , I was walking to a table so I could eat my food, out of know where I fell flat on my mash potatoes, Then the laughter came. Now who the hell tripped me, I got up and wipe the mash potatoes off of my face.  " oops my bad I told you to watch out bitch" , said Nikki

Then every one started laughing again, tears started  to form. " Aww the little pussy baby about to cry,  your showing us the cry baby that you are". I decided to run into the bathroom to clean myself up, I could never understand why she hates me so much, we were good friends in middle school, soon as we went to high school, she's all bitchy to me. I'm such a loser, even my parents feel the same way. They wish I can be more like Nikki, if only if they knew shes a bully, a hoe, and two faced person. 

I went to my spot were I feel safe and calm no one knows about this place, but me well so far. I grabbed my drawing book out of my book bag  and started drawing whatever pops in my mind, for some reason I felt someone behind me just staring at me, I turned around slowly and no one was there, weird I could of sworn I felt  someone was behind me.Then I herd voices coming so I hid quickly.

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