Seeing Double Chapter 9

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I turned back to find Dylan hugging me tightly. I immediately pulled out of the hug.  

“Wow, how long has it been? 24 years?” I mocked.

“Aww… come on, don’t spoil this moment” He pouted.

I gave a weak smile and returned the hug.

“Whoa whoa whoa… I know that smile. It said something happened.” He breaks the hug.

“It’s nothing…” I mumbled with my head down.

“Hey ‘ris, you know I’m annoyin-“

“And irritating, obnoxious and gross, have I missed anything out?”

“AS I WAS SAYING, you can tell me everything.”

“Yeah, I know” I gave him a tight hug. “Thanks Dylan, that meant a lot.”

He let go of me.

“I’ll head up first” I said heading for my room.

“Ris! Don’t forge-“

“Dinner” I continued for him. “Yeah, it’ll be at 7.”

He nodded and went to do his stuff.

I entered my room and dropped on my bed.


I can deal with the twins tomorrow. Today sucked. I should just rest for now.

The smell of my bed made me drifted off to sleep.


“Ris, someone’s looking for ya!”

“RIS! Get down here now!”



My eyes snapped open as I stare at Dylan who slammed open my door. Talk about privacy.


“Some dude called Jacob’s here”

Jacob? Here? I saw a reflection of myself. Damnit.

I tried loosening the ends of my hair as I ran down the stairs. IT WASN’T WORKING.

“Hey” He said awkwardly, getting up from the sofa.

“Hi, so what are you doing here?” I asked.

Shit, too straight to the point, much?

Jacob looked a little hurt. “Oh, am I bothering you? Sorry, I was just.. umm…I’m leaving. Bye”

He turned and head for the door.

“Wait! Jacob! Stop!” I shouted.

He frozed.

“I’m sorry. I get a little cranky once I wake up. Sorry.” I said walking towards him.


“Jacob? Hey, you okay? I didn’t mean it”

Jacob started chuckling. “Really? You mean it? Wow, you don’t know how much that means to me, I was so worried you would be mad at us”

He reminds me of Jake today. But I haven’t really seen Jacob chuckling at all. Jacob’s really, well, cute.  


Both of us turned to the not-so-please Dylan behind.

“Oh, so it was you. You better tell me what the hell you did to her right now! You are gonna ge-“Dylan said in some dangerous voice.

“DYLAN, NO! He did nothing! Really! We’re going to…get something to eat! Bye!”

I grabbed Jacob’s hand and dragged him out of the door.

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