EXTRA: A Few Words From Minho.

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Hi it's Minho. So this shuck faced shank named MazeRunner_Alyssa wrote this "How To Be As Sassy As Minho" book or whatever. Anyways, did you shanks get it? Are you as Fabulous and Sassy as me now? Of course, you can't be as fab as me, but did you accomplish the sassy part?
So uh, I hope you liked this whole book series this slinthead named James Dashner called "The Maze Runner." It's all about me because I'm the best. Here me ya greenie? I'm the best, most fabulous, sassiest Glader that ever lived.
Also, read MazeRunner_Alyssa's book about my friend Newt. She's coming up with a new book all about me and how I got to the Glade and stuff. So check that out when she decides to freaking publish it because she's taking SUCH A SHUCK LONG TIME! So hurry up because this world needs more of Minho.
So thanks for reading this book long deserved about me. I'm amazing. So bye Greenies.

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