Chapter 141

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Chapter 141

“Why was he here?” Evelyn spoke to Zayn for the first time in three days. “Why was Ethan wearing a guard’s uniform? What have you done to him?”

Zayn’s eyes narrowed forebodingly. His affection for her faded from his exterior presentation as the mask of the King fell over his face. The excitement and joy on his face deteriorated. The pretty drawing in silver frame fell from his hand and travelled down the short distance between his chest and the soft spot of mattress under where he sat. “What are you suggesting, my love?” Zayn spoke with a cynical sweetness. “Are you implying that I had a hand on Ethan’s loss of interest in you?” He laughed mockingly. The sound was almost frightening.

The gloomy light from the clouded sky that shone into the room seemed to have darkened.

Evelyn shivered. Once again, she was waddling on thin ice. One misstep, then its game over and the vast ocean of icy rage would swallow her up whole, and make her his object of torments. He was intimidating, and the way he was capable of transforming such sweet and innocent statements into legitimate startling threats, was to be feared.

His eyes stared penetratingly into hers, as if daring her to speak.

He was the man with the power here, and he knew it.

“Yes,” Evelyn spoke firmly. “That is exactly what I’m implying.”

The corner of Zayn’s lips rose with a crooked smile, and he leaned in closer towards her. She could feel the chills of his cold breath on her bare skin, and from beneath the almost translucent silk of her nightgown.

Zayn’s eyes lowered and shamelessly took in her poorly concealed breasts, free of the confinement of a bra. He was smirking, and Evelyn quickly plucked a pillow from the head of the bed and positioned it before her breasts so that it acted as a barrier between her body and his lustful eyes.

He smiled. “I want to fuck you, Evie.” His hand touched her neck. “They say the best way to get over someone, is getting under someone.”

Her lips curled up to a disgusted expression. The look in her eyes said it all. She was sickened by him. It was moments like these that made Evelyn doubt Zayn’s promises of love and devotion.

She was not in a healthy state to go through this process again. The recent dream of Lucifer sparked flickering embers from Evelyn, and she was still high from this emotion and hope.  

 “What did you do to him?” Evelyn screamed. It wasn’t a scream of just frustration and anger; it was a distorted scream of insanity. This sharp and unpleasant cry of desperation contrasted the sweet and gentle girl Zayn first met that night on the balcony. It severed his heart to see her this way.

There were wildness in her eyes, and she was slowly losing that beacon of light that used to shine so effortlessly. Darkness swarmed within her, inching its way deeper and deeper into her soul, Zayn could feel all of this happening beneath the surface. And it was all his doing. This was one of the consequences of carrying his bastard child.

Zayn’s mind grasped the significance of this tormented scream. The implication of this scorched like the fragmented pieces of a freshly exploded bomb, and the bombshells torn deep into his skin.

He stared at her, for a moment or two before pulling her into a tight hug.

She resisted, but it was ignored.

“I’m sorry,” he said. His voice trembled a little. “I’m sorry that I’m innocent and hadn’t done anything. I’m sorry he’s here Evie, and I’m sorry he broke your heart. I wish it was me who made him say those things, I really do. I’m… sorry. I’m not the one behind his heartless words. The things he said? They were his words of honesty.”

Her breath quickened, and her watering eyes were wide. No, it can’t be, Ethan wouldn’t say those things to me out of his free will! He wouldn’t! He loves me! Zayn must have something over Ethan; he blackmailed Ethan into saying those things to me! “You’re lying!”

“As much as I wish I was, I’m not. I’m sorry Evelyn. You’ve wasted your heart on someone who only saw you as a temporary flame.”

She pushed him away.

“I thought bringing Ethan here would make you happy. I-I… I don’t know why I did it. I’m so fucking stupid!” He huffed a joyless laugh and looked away. “I never thought that beneath the kind façade hid such hideous monster. I can’t even begin to imagine how, and why, he would hurt you this way.” He let out a shaky breath, he sounded nervous.

Then, Evelyn felt his cold and incredibly large hand on her cheek. His thumb traced circles around the spot beneath her eyes, tinted by flowing tears.

His eyes stared deeply into hers.

Evelyn felt like he was trying to penetrate a crack in the invisible armour that kept her heart protected.

“I know you love him,” Zayn spoke again. His voice was deep, and it sounded honest, like he was spilling out words from the heart. “As much as it kills me to acknowledge your… affections for him. I know that you possess for him is real, and that he has a very special place in your heart; a place I dearly hope would be mine one day, but I’m not holding my breath for that miracle.” He leaned in and kissed the spot between her brows. “I… I don’t know how much this is worth to you, but I promise I will never leave you stranded and heartbroken. You are the only woman I will ever love, Evie. You will always be my one and only.”

Evelyn turned her head to avoid the kiss. Resentment burnt deep in her heart. She was convinced this was all Zayn’s doing.

“I thought bringing Ethan and Harry here would make you happy. I promised to try, didn’t I? I wanted to prove to you that your feelings matter to me. All I wanted was to make you happy, I swear.”

“Your words are nothing more than breaths and sounds,” Evelyn half growled. “I was stupid enough to believe in you in the past, but not anymore Zayn.”

A heavier expression of grief fell upon his face. “Oh…” He looked down at his lap like a boy who had been scowled by his mother. “You know I was imprisoning Harry in the dungeons, don’t you…?” He didn’t give Evelyn time to answer the rhetorical question when one of his hands lashed out, took hold of a pillow, and threw it across the room with all his strength.

Evelyn didn’t know what the pillow was made of, but she was sure the soft material that stuffed the white cotton case was not hard enough to dent and crack the wall as if flew across the room. However, that was what had happened when it crashed into the wall at the opposite end of the room.

It was another indication of Zayn’s unlimited strength.

“Stupid,” he laughed. “I am stupid, aren’t I? Of course, you knew. You were with Ashton and Luke after all. They are minions of Kainsius, and like master like protégé, those two would have loved to manipulate the truth and paint me in deceiving lies.

Evelyn’s eyes widened. Luke and Ashton…? He knows.


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