Gabriella’s POV –

Nerves. The nerves were overflowing and taking over. Today was the day, the day I was going to become somebody’s other half. A soul mate. I didn’t think fairy tales were real. There was always struggle through our relationship, I understand that, but Aurora didn’t marry her prince without falling into a coma first. Too negative? I’ll move on. I’m just a normal British girl, standing in the magical hotel getting ready to tie the knot in front of the greatest places. Everything was ready, everything was perfect. Perfection, it’s a funny thing. We strive to be perfect, but at some point we realise that perfection isn’t what we’re aiming for. Happiness is. Today, I’ve reached high and grabbed happiness with both hands.

I had my beautiful bridesmaids already there with the person that belongs with me. The only person I’ve only ever loved. My dress was beautiful, covered in beads and diamante. Heels, higher than I could possibly walk in. Aana’s idea of course. The bouquet of blue roses, matching the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses. I glanced up once more at the long mirror, my breath hitched and everything I’ve always dreamed of was in front of me. I didn’t recognise the girl in the mirror. Her brown locks were curled and dropped below her shoulders, her make-up perfectly complimenting every feature. She was ready.

“Gabriella, we need to be going. Aana just phoned, they’re waiting.” My mum said, smiling at me, with my Dad beside her. I nodded and left the room, with my parents behind me holding the train. The hotel was minutes away from the Tower but Mark insisted on hiring a limousine. I crawled in, taking my seat, followed by my parents. I held my hands in my lap, trying to stop the consistent shaking.

“Are you sure you want to do this Gabriella?” My dad asked, attempting to give me a stern look but the grin was taking over. Truth be told, my parents thought I was too young, I didn’t think so. This was a great time, I didn’t want to be getting married at thirty and having children at forty. I had everything I ever wanted now, carpe diem. Seize the day. I nodded, not wanting to say much more. I knew the tears were coming but when I had just had my makeup done, now was the time. We arrived at the Tower, exactly as expected, empty. There were people surrounding but somehow Mark had managed to shut it off. Security guards were standing on each corner. I grinned slightly, appreciating this. It was evening, like we wanted. The moon was shining on us, lighting up the city, along with the beautiful blue lights that were sprawled all along the Tower, creating something that I can only describe as an illusion. We walked to the front, my heels slowly sinking into the grass opposite. From the distance I could see Mark in the centre with the boys on his right and the girls on the left, leaving a space for me also in the centre. The missing piece of this huge puzzle. The group of ladies on the side playing the Violins in the tune I had always imagined. My Mum had taken her seat at the front along with the other parents and my Dad was on my right, his arm hooked through mine. He gave me a reassuring smile as he brought my veil back down, covering my face. I smiled back and began to walk in time with the music. My heart beat was hammering and my palms grew sweaty. Mark looked beautiful as usual, he was my perfection, my happiness.


“The bride and groom have prepared their own vows which they will declare now” The officiant says. I look at Mark, tears brimming in my eyes as he begins to speak.

“As the cliché says, you showed up when I was least expecting you. I intend to love you, hold you, and grow very, very old with you. These are my promises: I promise to always be there when you have troubles, and to know that sometimes simply letting you talk about your problems is enough. I promise to be the most dependable person in your life. I promise you that laughter will always be commonplace in our house. I promise to do my best to age gracefully in body and soul, and not to become a cranky old man. I promise, from this day forward, to live my life as a member of a band, and not a solo artist. I promise to lead and follow accordingly, and to keep our relationship in good balance. To quote a famous writer, "You fill up all those empty spaces." For that I am grateful, and every day you will see that appreciation.” Mark finished. By this point the tears were gracefully trickling down my cheeks. He smiled and swept his hand across my cheek, wiping the tears away. It was my turn. This was it, I had been trying to memorise these words forever.

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