Wow 2K! (Authors note)

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Hello my lovely readers/ followers! I can't believe that 2K people have read my story!

You know, I started writing this story at school one day in a One Direction composition book. I was bored and had a brand new one. So, I decided to write 3 Sisters 1 Band. The characters are based off of real people. Kaleigh and Olivia are actually my best friends. So when I originally wrote the story we were best friends, but then when I was thinking of a tittle us being sisters was just a better fit. Kayla is me of course. Every chapter in this story is written in the original comp. book first. And every chapter has not only my opinion put into it, but my friends.

One day I asked them if it would be ok to upload it on Wattpad. They said it would be fine and I did. I chose the book cover very carefully. Its actually accurate. The girl on the left is me (I have dark brown hair naturally), Kaleigh is in the middle (she is a ginger), and Olivia is on the right (Shes a natural blonde). At the time I though that I would get maybe a maximum of 30 total reads and that would be it. I never imagined I would get 2K!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to read my story. I don't know all of you personally but I do love you all to death. Please continue reading my story and sharing it with your friends! Once again, thank you for all your support.


Yes, I know I haven't updated in like two months. However, I am now officially on Christmas break and my goal is to update at least twice! :) I NEED YOUR HELP! I've got a bit of writers block. If you have any ideas on what should happen next please comment below. You can also send me a message on my profile. Thank you all again! Happy reading!

-KaylaMollendor :)

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