I Just need somebody to love [ a Justin Bieber Love Story ] Chapter 47

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Truth is my dad wouldn't kill Justin but if he saw Justin at our house he will got mad because my dad didn't like that Justin broke up with me . 

" Yo shes so bitchy  , I can't stand her " Daniel said .

I laughed " Well get use to it , its a whole month " 

-------------------------------- Wendsday Afternoon --------------------------

" What type of ice-cream you guys want ? " Ethan asked us . 

" Chocolate  with oreos !" I responded 

" Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles " Kaylee smiled .

" chocolate chip cookie dough " Ashlee responded .

" I'll come with you , you gonna need some help " Daniel said . 

" same " agreed Jake .

Its been fun hanging out with Kaylee , Ashlee , Daniel , Jake and Ethan only . Kaylee was always a fun person , Ashlee turned out to be really cool and crazy , Daniel is the same funny guy he always was , Jake was really cool , hilarious and caring and Ethan is my brother but hes cool anyways . 

We were leaving the ice cream shop we were eating and we were about to head off to the movie theater when I got a text . 

Are you coming or not ? its like 4:15 Sami - Justin . 

" Oh crap , Ethan can you drive me to Justin's ? " 

He looked at me like if I was retarded " Um no , why you wanna go over their ? " 

" Its a project , the one with that stupid baby " I told him .

" hmm , Is she lying Danny ? " he asked Daniel .

" Nah , shes not " 

" Okay " 


" Okay , Thanks bye ! " I told Ethan and the others before I got out the car . 

I knocked on the door and Patty opened it 

" Aw Hi Samantha , I haven't seen you or herd from you for a long time , what happened ? " she asked . I guess Justin didn't tell her we broke up , I'm not gonna tell her , he can tell her himself .

" Oh nothing , I just been busy lately " . 

" Oh well its great to see you , Justin's upstairs " 

" Its nice to see you too " I told Patty before I went upstairs . 

* Knock Knock * I knocked before I entered cause I don't I want to barge into his room while hes doing who knows what . 

" come in " he shouted and I entered the room .

" Oh hey Samantha " he said pausing whatever video game he was playing .

I smiled a soft smile " Hey  , um wheres the baby ? " 

" Oh , hes on the bed " and I sat on the bed grabbing the baby . 

This was so weird , we haven't talked to each other in like forever and now that we recently broke up , its really weird . I have feelings for him still and I wish he would take me back but he would never take me back as his girlfriend because he's to stubborn to even listen to my side of the story but does trying ever hurt ? nope it doesn't ....

I sighed " Justin , we need to talk " 

" Go ahead " 

I looked into his beautiful big brown eyes " I'm sorry , I know this is weird and everything since you broke up with me , but that guy at the park was Daniel and he kissed me first " 

" I really don't want to hear this Samantha , Its over I'm not going to take you back " he said with his brown eyes piercing right into mine .

My heart broke into even more pieces , he's never ever going to me back , I guess it does hurt trying. 

" Oh Ok , Well I'm trying to make things better but you don't want to agree on anything , So Justin you take care of the baby for the whole week and I'll take care of it next week , we each have a week  to take care of the baby " 

" No , I'm not taking care of the baby " and he threw the baby doll in my face .

" Ow , you son of a bitch " I yelled , I took the baby and I was going to throw it at him but he ducked and It crashed onto the shelf were he kept his clones and I herd some of them shattered .

" Whats your problem , breaking my shit ? " he yelled at me . 

" Don't yell at me , I had enough with you already ! " I screamed at him , I felt my hand turning into a fist . 

" Your a fucking whore , I'll scream at you if I want too " he yelled again . 

" That's it " I screamed and I went to punch him but he grabbed my wrist so I used my other hand but he got that wrist too . I was currently pinned to the wall by Justin Bieber . 

I felt something warm roll down my cheeks .

" You promised you will never hurt me " I said in my regular voice . 

" You said you would never cheat on me " he told me back . 

" But I didn't ! , I fucking loved you , don't you understand ? " I yelled at him and he stood shut . 

" Your an asswhole Justin , I can't believe I fell in love with a guy like you and Let Me Go Justin ! , Your hurting me ! " I yelled at him . 

I herd the door open 

" Justin , Samantha ? " I herd Pattie calling us and Justin had let go of my wrists . 

" What's going on ? " she asked . 

" N-nothing I was Just leaving " I said with my tears running down my cheeks  , I was about to leave when I realized I still had the necklace he gave me . I took it off and walked back to the room 

" Here " I said throwing it on the floor in-front of his face and I left crying all the way home .

----------------------------  A Note From the Author -----------

La La La Hey Hey Hey ! 

This chapter liked sucked and everything . I know Sami and Justin havent gotten back toghether yet but they will be toghether soon , you just have to be patient !!! Well be aware because theirs still alot more drama ! 

Thanks for Reading xxx ! - Lokitax333

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