"You know where you got those? Looking for a proper alcohol booth." Josh said casually, testing the conversation out. The boy, who looked a little younger than Josh, but not by a lot, sat dazed and confused in his presence. But Josh didn't let up, stood proud in his steps.

"Down there." He said, quietly. He didn't seem like he talked much, his voice croaked letting out the simple two-word answer. But it seemed as if it took a lot of effort for him, or at least that's what it seemed like to Josh.

"Cheers. What are you doing sitting here all alone?" Josh continued, his eyes trailing to the other seat before trailing back to the boy. His expression had seemed to widen as if he didn't expect for him to continue the conversation.

"Har-, My friend had gone to the toilet. Hasn't been back for ages though." He frowned. Josh gestures to the seat across from him, as the young boy nods towards it. Josh sits himself down, seemingly pleasantly.

"What's your name?" Josh asked bluntly, leaning forward in his chair to show more interest in the small boy sitting in front of him. His eyes had trailed to his lap before he looked up at Josh with a hopeless look. He was so cute.

"Vik." He sighed. His demeanour was very soft. Non-confrontational and sweet, he seemed as if he couldn't hurt a single soul. Maybe Josh's heart with the looks that he would send his way. So pretty and innocent.

"Well, Vik, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Josh. And if you want, you can join my mates and I. A cutie like you doesn't deserve to be sitting alone." Josh speaks, smiling up at Vik with a confident smile. He sees him quickly pulls his eyes away from Josh, a small blush evident on his face. But Josh stayed confident and never took his eyes off of him.

"Me?" Vik cooed, his finger softly pointing to himself. Josh nodded, his grin turning into a small smirk at the boy's shy antics that were the cutest thing to him. "You're fit too." He whispers, his voice barely audible in the park full of people.

"Thank you. May I?" Josh asked, stepping out of his seat and placing his hand out. The smaller boy hesitantly hops out of his, taking his tiny hands into Josh's noticeably bigger ones. Both boys head over to the alcohol booth, Vik being of use and holding some of the drinks that Josh physically couldn't hold himself.

Vik was still timid around Josh, didn't notice any motives or lacklustre behind his eyes. He just silently held the full cups, admiring the tall, black-haired boy. He felt bad, leaving Harry behind but it seemed as if Harry left him. Vik was sitting there for a solid thirty minutes alone before Josh had approached him, which he was thankful for.

Joshua reaches his friends, Vik still attached to his arm. As he peers the corner, Tobi, Ethan, and Simon have confused looks on their faces– But Jj just smirks softly before standing back from the duo.

"Boys, this is Vik. Mind if he joins us?" Josh said nonchalantly, handing the boys their drinks and handing Tobi a sprite; which he happened to get himself as he was driving home. Most of the boys just shrugged, continuing conversation with each other, but Simon continued on.

"Nice to meet you, Vik, I'm Simon. Did Josh prey on you? He's a bit of a loser." Simon joked, reaching out his hand to shake Vik's. Vik giggled a bit at Simon's words, and especially at Josh punching the blonde boy in the arm before he retreats in defence.

"He's been nice," Vik mumbles, seeing a smile appear on Josh's face. Simon smirks then shrugging after as he took a sip of his vodka coke. Josh made his attention over to Vik once more.

"Would you want to find your friend? Maybe he's quite lost. It is a big venue." Josh bends, whispering close into Vik's ear. Shivers sent down the small boy's spine as his lips pursed. He pulled back looking at Josh softly.

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