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"Josh, you piece of shit, where's your fucking keys?" Simon seethed, pulling his wallet into his pocket. Joshua frantically rushing to find his keys in his cluttered flat. Simon wasn't impressed, nor was he happy to be late to a music festival.

"Maybe if you moved your arse, we'd find them quicker? Move." Josh ordered, making Simon huff but soon follow in pursuit. He pressed to the floor as he notices a shiny set of keys glaring in his eyes. He stared at Josh, before safely throwing them.

"Who would've known you're blind as well, huh? It's the grandpa eyes." Simon laughed, pulling himself up, which caused a rise in his shirt. He swiftly pulled it down to be met with Josh's middle finger waving in his face, causing another laugh to erupt from his mouth.

"Right then. Other boys are packed up and going, yeah?" Josh mumbles, grabbing a loose flannel to wear. Simon sends him a small nod, before both exit the flat to Josh's car. As Josh turns on his ignition– and clicks his belt on– Simon takes a flick of them both, posting it to his private Snapchat before the boys head off.

The car was blaring tunes both boys favoured as they were getting in the mood for the festival. The slight conversation had arisen between the two, but it was fairly short before the next song came on that they jammed to. An hour and a bit later, they'd slowly reached a car park that they could go and park in.

Once they'd reach a park, Simon and Josh set off looking for the rest of the boys. They walked onto the parking area. Then when they secured inside, they had looked around for where their mates could have gone. First finding Jj, looking for something to eat.

"Fat Jj never left, huh?" Simon breaks the ice, patting the man's back. Jj turns around hastily but rolls his eyes once he sees who the voice belongs too. He reached for his hand, pulling him into a side hug before turning his attention to Josh.

"Where have you been, Bradley?" Jj questions, a rise in his eyebrow but a glint in his eye. Josh shakes his head, going in for a handshake as well. He slyly shrugs when he pulls back, not technically answering the man's question.

"University and the whole lot. Where've you been, KSI?" Josh shoots back with a smirk on his lips. Jj rolls his eyes once more before pushing him back playfully, earning a laugh out of Joshua.

"Allow it, man." Jj smiles, pulling off to engage in conversation with Simon next to him. Josh decided to wander off to maybe find Tobi or Ethan. The park was massive, with a massive amount of people roaming before the show began. He felt a headache coming on but ignored it graciously. Joshua finally bumps into his two mates, smiling that he found them both together. 'Two birds, one stone.' He babbled in his head.

"Ay, Joshua. Haven't seen you in ages, man." Ethan spoke, pulling him in for a hug as well. Josh chuckled, returning the gesture before pulling back.

"Been around. Looking good, Payne. Toned up, yeah?"' Josh complimented. He didn't realize how long it's been since he'd seen him. But the sudden weight loss and acquired muscle strength had suggested it's been a while. Ethan jokingly blinked before Josh turned his attention to Tobi. Tobi gave him a slight nod, knowing he'd have to talk to him later.

"Speaking of a long time, been a while since I've gotten smashed. Where're the drinks around here?" Ethan groaned. Josh and Tobi let out a laugh at his antics, but Josh volunteered to get them all drinks. He sets off, finding a booth that serves alcohol and something for Tobi as well.

As he was peering over the shoulders of others to find a booth, he notices a small boy. He sits cute and petite on a high table. Obviously sitting waiting for someone to sit next to him. He was sipping on a martini, a fucking martini. Josh couldn't help but stare, his eyes just unknowingly drawn to him. Josh decides to walk up to him, casually ask where'd he'd gotten his drinks– maybe even chat him up a bit.

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