Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Lucy unlocked the front door to her apartment and threw her bag down on the floor. She was exhausted after a long shift at work, and all she wanted to do was go to sleep, but she knew she couldn’t because her brother would be home soon.

She sat down on the chair in front of the TV and closed her eyes; she wanted to rest for a few minutes before she cooked her brother’s dinner.

“Lucy!” Joey shouted as he shook her.

Her eyes shot open and she came face to face with her irritated brother. She looked over at the clock and grimaced she had been asleep for three hours.

“Joey I’m so sorry. I’ll cook us something now,” she mumbled as she got out of the chair.

Joey sighed and sat on the sofa, “Don’t worry it doesn’t matter. I don’t have time to eat anything now. My shift starts in half an hour.”

Lucy felt guilty when she looked at her brother. He was working three jobs to pay a debt to a gangster he had taken out a loan out with, but the interest just kept mounting. Every time they got closer to paying, it off Beppe Capardi would add some more interest.

“This isn’t fair. We’re killing ourselves,” she snapped.

Joey knew she was right, but they had no choice. Beppe had told him in no uncertain terms that if he didn’t have his regular weekly payment then Lucy would get hurt, and she was one thing he wasn’t willing to risk.

“You know we have to do this!” he shouted feeling annoyed all he wanted to do was sleep. He didn’t want to go to work, not when everything he earned went to the Capardi’s.

Lucy stormed into the kitchen to make him a sandwich to take to work. She was slamming cupboard doors and huffing as she went along. Joey came into the kitchen and grabbed her pulling her into a hug.

“Maybe I could speak to them. I could explain our situation,” she told him with a deep sigh.

Joey shook his head furiously, “You better keep away from that family Lucy they’re dangerous.”

She glared into his brown eyes; he looked more tired than she had ever seen him before. His eyes didn’t look as bright as they used to and instead of looking thirty, he looked forty with the lines that were starting to appear on his stressed face.

“Fine, but you know we will never be free of them!” she shouted.

She went to walk away but he grabbed her arm, spinning her around, so that she was facing him again.

“Promise me you will keep away from that club.” He begged.

She promised him she would stay away. The last thing she wanted was to cause him more stress. The Capardi’s owned the hottest club in town, and from a first glance, it would appear to be a successful family run business, but Lucy knew that wasn’t how they made their money.

“Is it ok if I go out with Sasha tonight?” she asked.

She knew how protective he was of her even though she was twenty-two; she still had to run everything past him. After their mother died he looked after her, helped her through her grief. He was her rock and even though he was grieving, he stayed strong for her.

“It depends where you’re going and when you will be back?” he questioned.

This was nothing unusual for her she was used to his questions, “We’re going to Insomnia, and I’ll be back for one,” she promised.

Joey sighed and kissed her on the head, “No.”

She hated it when he did that, there were so many times she wanted to put him straight, wanted to tell him that she could do as she pleased, but she just didn’t have the heart to do it.

“Please Joey?” she begged.

Joey smiled at her and sighed, “Alright but I want you back here by twelve.”

Lucy started to laugh at him, “Really Joey? What difference does an hour make?” she asked.

Joey didn’t answer he just grabbed his sandwich and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Joey!” she shouted after him.

“Twelve Lucy and not a minute later,” He shouted back as he slammed the front door.

Lucy rolled her eyes and grabbed her phone from her pocket and dialled Sasha’s number.

“Hey Sash. Guess what, he actually said yes!” she screamed into the phone.

“Wow is he feeling ok?” Sasha asked with a giggle.

“Leave him alone you know what he’s like,” Lucy told her.

“Be at mine for eight then,” Sasha said before she ended the call.

Lucy glanced at the time and gasped she had an hour to get ready and go to Sasha’s. She ran into the bathroom and took a quick shower, and when she got out she left her hair down. It was naturally curly, so at least she didn’t have to waste time fixing her hair.

She put on a little black dress and some makeup and was good to go. She drove down to Sasha’s house and honked the horn. She didn’t drink, so she was always the designated driver.

Sasha came bounding out of her house and climbed in the passenger side.

“Hey,” she smiled.

“Are you ready to go?” Lucy asked her as she started the engine and pulled off.

“Of course,” she replied.

Lucy parked the car at the side of the club and they made their way to join the queue that was forming outside.

“Hi beautiful,” a deep gravelly voice came from behind.

Lucy turned around to put a face to the sexy voice, and smiled at the even sexier man that was grinning at her.

“Don’t bother waiting in the queue. Come with us through the service door,” he told her.

Lucy raised her eyebrows at him and opened her mouth to turn down his offer, but Sasha spoke before she had the chance.

“Sure come on then lead the way.” She purred.

Lucy glared at her friend and Sasha shrugged.

“You need to lighten up Luce. He’s sexy,” she said with a wink.

They followed the man and his friend through the door and into the club. Lucy was expecting one of the burly bouncers to throw them out, but they greeted the man with handshake as if they all knew him.

“What would you ladies like to drink?” he asked them.

Sasha didn’t let Lucy speak again, “Double vodka and coke and an orange juice for Lucy.”

The man looked annoyed at Sasha, and then turned his attention to Lucy, “My names Danny. Are you sure you only want an orange juice?”

Lucy returned his smile, “I don’t drink,” she muttered shyly.

Danny’s friend smirked at him, but he gave him a warning glare and nodded towards Sasha.

“Take her somewhere,” he hissed into his ear.

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