Chapter 3 - Sight seeing

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Yesterday Nicola, I and the boys have had so much fun in Nando’s, they are so crazy. The boys told me that they are a band called One Direction. Haha I knew this, but they thought I didn’t know who they are. We talked like we know eachother for years. And Niall, I love him so much and to hug him is the greatest thing in the world. He is so cute. He helped me at the skating rink, because I haven’t done this before. He hold all the time my hand, it was awesome.

Yes, he is my crush since the first time I saw him on X-Factor. His voice is amazing, but this isn’t the main reason why I love him…

I like the way he was fom the start, before fame struck. A care-free boy, shy. He was guite short next to his friends, this I love the most of him! He isn’t like some other famous singers, who become arrogant only because they have much money and the whole world know them. No, he and the other boys too of course act like they aren’t famous, they still have the same friends and do normal things with them, like going to the cinema or roller skating…

And now I’m one of their friends! This makes me really happy, because I remember the first school day… where I thought I would never make some new friends.

My phone interrupts my thought.

It was Victoria! My best friend from Bath.

“Hey Vic! Great to hear your voice. How are you?” I ask her.

“I’m fine too … Yeah London is ok. I make some new friends and they wanna show me a bit the city today…Erm yes, there is a good-looking boy, but I think he didn’t like me this way too…” I answer her questions.

“Yeah maybe. Ok, bye. I miss you!”

I put down. I miss her and all my friends back in Bath… I hope that I can visit them some day.

Oh the postman comes.

I open the letter box.

“Boa only advertising!” I mumble.

“Wait, what is this? A letter from Katia!”

Katia is my best friend, we’re penfriends and she lives in London. We wrote since 1 year and become really close. I can talk with her about everything. When I’m down she makes me happy, when I have problems she helps me resolve itself. I’m really thankful for everything she does for me.

“She also wrotes her new mobile phone number in this letter. I must call her!”

I tap the number in my phone.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Hello, here is Katia.”

“Hi, it’s me Doreen.” I say.

“Oh great! You get my letter?” She asks.


“Yay, I’m so happy right now.” She says, laughing. “Wanna do something togheter today?”

“Yes, but what?” I ask.


“Maybe.. I’m today with some friends on a sight-seeing-trip. We can meet after it, at the shopping mall?”

“Yes, I’ll be there. So see you than!” She says.

“Bye.” I put down.


I lay in my bed, alone of course. I have no girlfriend.

Many fans say that they love me, but I don’t know if they love me, because of my person or only because I’m in 1D.

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