[Love and Tears] part 23.

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"Callie! Callie!" I heard Danielle's calls as the kiss deepened between me and mr. Simmons. I had had enough! I wasn't entirely sure of how much more of Jay's crap I could take! He had messed me around way to much! He must of thought I was some ball he could bounce and drop whenever he liked well no anymore! Ever since that time we had properly talked, he spilled food on me. That must of been a sign that he was going to be bad news, right? Well now I found out for myself. Jay was a lying, cheating scumbag. I wish they didn't delay the flights to Spain because of the snow.

"Callie!" Danielle called again. I rolled my eyes, ignoring her. What did she want?I was a little too busy to answer her!

I felt a shoulder on my arm pulling me away from sir. I frowned. As did he. He hadn't even attempted to pull away which was weird because he was kind d a teacher.

Danielle pulled me to a seat. I struggled in her grip as I tried to wriggle myself out. Danielle kept a firm hold on me and eventually I gave up and did as she wanted.

We sat on the table, across eachother. She looked at me with a worried expression.

"Callie, what are you doing?" Danielle asked me.

"What did it look like?" I responded.

"But why?"

"Because Jay did it to me! He's a lying, cheating toerag who needs his comeuppance! Ever since the first day I've met him, all he's done is cause me trouble! He spilled food on me! He helped in almost killing Terry by inviting me to the beach! I had a smashed up face thanks to his crazy chick of a girlfriend! He got me kidnapped! He's said he loved me multiple times when he doesn't mean it! He made me think I Iove him when I don't because at this stage I want to spit on his cheating face! And on top of all this, he kisses another girl right infront of me! There is so much more bad things about him but Im not going to waste my breathe going into them! He's not worth it." I panted heavily as I tried to recover from that sudden outburst. I felt tears spring up to my eyes but I wouldn't let them come down. Not for jay. He's not worth my tears.

"There, there," is all Danielle said as I was at battle with my tears. I knew from the start Jay wasn't the right guy to get involved with and I should have listened to my gut.

Jay was way too good looking and good bodied to have "fallen" for me. I should have known he was lying, especially when he said it when he was still dating Rebecca and we had only known each other for five minutes. I was the cheating bag on the side that he could come to if he wasn't happy. I was like the lettuce on the meal that you wouldn't eat if you had a choice, but when there's nothing else you want on your plate then you'll eat the lettuce.

If this had happened a couple years back when my parents were still alive and I didn't have any responsibilities, I would have pounded his sorry face in. But now that I needed that job and stuff, I had changed dramatically. I had calmed down. I kind of liked the person I had turned into now. Not totally agressive but not totally fragile. I wasn't going to let Jay change that in my life, too.

"Callie, did you see?"

"See what?" I asked, leaning back against the chair.

"The way he was looking at you."

"Who sir? No I didn't see." I replied.

Anger grew on Danielle's face as she rolled her eyes. "No, stupid!"

"Then who? Because it couldn't have been jay. He was too busy with his tounge inside that tart."

"Stop it!" Danielle told me, firmly. Her firmness made me raise an eyebrow in suspicion. "Just stop it!"

"What? I- I don't..." I trailed off, hoping Danielle would tell me why she was so angry.

"Did you see the way Jay was looking at you?"

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