The Spark of light

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He noticed he could slow down time, as long as he stopped the hands from moving on the clock.

As soon as he let them go however , Time began to speed up again. And the waiting sickness

like an invisible black cloud, would cover all the Earth.

"I have to find a way

to warn the people of Earth

that they have lost their Spark of Light" thought Kairos.

"If they don't find their Spark ,time won't slow down,

Mother Gaia will not be able to recover and the black cloud of disease will win".

At the centre of the greatest clock

the one that governed the entire Earth,

lays a magnificent crystal connected to Earth, nestled in a magical chamber.

The God of time Kairos summoned all his power and focused his thoughts

through the magic crystal,

hoping to reach the ears of every human. He very quickly realised

that only the children could hear him.

The adults minds were still racing too fast.

Despite Kairos slowing down time,

they couldn't hear his very important warning. "Time is too fast, your light has sparked out, it made Nature very sick"

"Spark? What spark?"

The children were curious. They asked their parents

what this mysterious spark was, ut the parents didn't listen.

Too busy, too worried, too fast. The children however

They were the ones finding the spark.

Kairos knew the children

were the ones to heal the world. The nasty, deadly invisible disease was sparing most of the children.

Slowing down even but never far away. Their sparks were starting

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