Cat and Mouse (BoyXBoy)

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Yeah, the guy on the side and in the cover is supposed to be Beck! :)

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And yeah, the tittle is a song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, I wasn't reall sure what else to call it and it just kind of fit...

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I sighed, looking outwards the pink colored mountains.

“Are we there yet?” I groaned to the front seat where my mother and step father sat hand in hand, arguing over directions. My mother’s blonde hair bobbed in the front seat as she turned around to roll her eyes at me.

“We’re the same distance from the house since you asked two minutes ago.”

I tapped my chin and lay back on a box. “So we’re not there?”

My mother sighed and looked forward again. She pursed her lips at the road and glanced down at her map.

“I’m telling you, Collin, its left.”         

My step father shook his head. “No, no. It’s defiantly right.”

My mother shook her head once more, getting irritated.




“Left- damn it!”

My mother chuckled, winking at me through the mirror. I smirked as Collin murmured under his breath and turned left into a small subdivision. My mom knew how to get what she wanted.

I sat up and folded my long legs Indian style. All the houses were small and quaint with that same red brick and white shutters. Almost every house had a swing out front on the deck and kids playing outside. I rolled my eyes.

Ugh. Kids.

Funny thing about kids, they hate me.

I’m not even joking.

Once, I was at my cousins wedding and her son thought it would be funny to put a marble in my mash potatoes. You know, I would’ve thought it was an accident, if it didn’t happen three times. At two different weddings. Sure, the kid was there each time but I swear it was different kids each time.

My mother crossed her tan arms in front of her and stuck her tongue out triumphantly. I chuckled and Collin drove past identical houses until we reached a long dirt road drive. I stirred as we passed large, ominous looking trees. It had gotten darker in the last few minutes, making all the shadows blend in with the night as our car crept forward. The bright lights of the car shone into a long, dusty drive. I swallowed and raised an eyebrow.

“Is that it, Collin?” I asked pointing forward. He shook his head and continued forward.

“Nope, we’re the last one. Or I guess the second one. Those are our neighbors.” He explained.

“Uh huh.” I muttered as we passed by the long drive. I squinted and I could see the faint lights of a house. I sighed and leaned backwards, steeling glances behind me. I stared forward until not a minute later; we came to another long, dark, dirt road. We turned slowly into the drive and drove until we came to a large white house that practically glowed in the light. I stared at my new home in awe.

It was all white with a black roof. It was one story but it still looked huge. Out on the deck was a large porch swing. Collin stopped the car and opened the door smiling.“Welcome home, you two.”

My mother got out of the car with two books in her hands.

“Beck, honey, can you grab your things out of the back? We already have your bed and everything here you just need to bring in the clothes.” She explained, struggling to grab one of her own boxes off of the floor. I rolled my eyes and grabbed three boxes in my tan arms.

“No need to go into detail, mom. I know what happened.”

She stuck her tongue out at me and her granny smith apple eyes twinkled in the low light coming from the car.. Collin had already walked out in front of the both of us and turned on all the lights downstairs. I carried the boxes inside and saw all the furniture already arranged and the TV on. Collin gave me a smile.

“What do you think, Beck?” He asked rocking on his toes. I glanced around, shrugged, and gave him a small smile.

“It’s nice.”

He smiled triumphantly and leaned on the wall. My mother ran into my back and nearly dropped a box.

“Isn’t it amazing, darling?” She gushed. I rolled my eyes but nodded. She squealed and set a box down on the couch. She turned around and began pointing to door all around the house. I raised my eyebrow at a white, cream colored door.

 “What’s that one?” I pointed. She smiled proudly and opened the door up. She flicked on the light and gestured to the stairs.

“The basement!” She squeaked. I walked to the door to see wooden stairs leading down to a shiny wood floor.

“Why is that so important?”

“Because, dear, it’s also a home theater!” She beamed. She winked at me and Collin as if saying, ‘I married rich.’

I leaned against the wall, the boxes starting to get heavy in my hands. “Are there any spare rooms down there?”

She eyed me but nodded hesitantly. “Just one.”

I tapped my chin and gave her a sad, pouting look.

“Can I have it?”

She gaped. “Beck Anderson, we already have your stuff set up on this floor!”

“But I want my room to be down there.” I whined, rocking back on my toes and pouting.

She rolled her eyes and placed her hands on her hips.

“Beck, you’re not five.” I gave her a pleading smile. She hesitated but groaned. I pulled her into a hug. “Thank you!”

She mumbled, “Whatever” but still hugged me back. I picked my boxes off the floor and walked towards my soon to be old room.



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