Part 10: Wheel of Fortune (Rev'd)

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What goes up must come down. A turn for the worse, unexpected setbacks, misfortune, it will get worse before it gets better. What did I do to deserve this? Fickle finger of fate. Check astrological for insight into current run of bad luck.

Marlena wandered around the executive hangar in a silvery-white sleeveless pants suit and sandals, chatting in such a low-key, almost listless way before they left, Rahim admitted he'd never seen her 'so spacey' as they drove away. 

"Yeah, I believe I was a significant factor regarding that," Eddie smirked widely. "Remember the guy I called 'Lucky Dick,' worked with in cars, he married the pro beach volleyball star who finally beat May and Walsh in a championship? They started calling her The Platinum Fury because she played like Walsh had stolen something from her, just pounded it the whole match. 

"Anyway, Marlena called it "getting some strange" on our way back, before your expected hoochies so to speak. Wooo-ooh! Her not being all 6'2" tower of power was the ONLY thing she didn't have going on. I took care of the heat, but she almost tugged my ears off, y'know?" 

Rahim made a low ohhhh, offered a quick fist bump.

"So how was the party?" he smiled confidently, pulling a joint from the center console and offering it to Eddie. "Gotta be some stories to tell. Nuthin' but outrageous talent?"

"Beyond awesome. Montalco had five comediennes there to pump the rom-com angle, there was a "get wet" session with 25-30 people in the pool, and I obviously had to go in...Oh, here's what Marlena was wearing," he pulled out his phone and proudly handed the screen shot of Marlena in her silver-blue, off-one shoulder dress that showcased her killer abs and quality legs, both she and Bridgette with 'hot stuff' fingers on their butts. "Next one is Kelcie and me."

Rahim almost missed a red light checking the photos out. "Yes MA'AM! That is Bootay Wildgood at her finest!" He inspected Eddie's picture with Montalco a little longer before handing Eddie's cell phone back. "Ms. Montalco hits that Playmate of the Year standard pretty well too."

"Bootay Wildgood? Did I hear you call her that once before?"

"Jist a little thang I have with Marlena. The day she brought her car into my place to be checked out, we had a  talk about her being a Bond Woman to go with the ninja tacks, oil slick, and other shit about the car, and we came up with that name."

"Car checked out? Where was I?"

"I dunno man. It was a while ago, before we actually started stealing shit for Silas," he shrugged, just beginning to wonder why Eddie still didn't know about her solo visit when his phone chimed. He ignored it for three rings before Eddie said, "C'mon, it's the lady. I recognize the tune. Pick her up, see what she wants."

"Naw man, I'm busy wit' chu. She knows where I'm at."

"Hey, no sweat if she wants some attention from the Big Man. Back-to-back cross country flights, what turned into a very late night post-party, and then satisfying that Platinum Fury deal, I'll take a couple extra hours of sleep without bad talking you about being a crappy MC. 

"The Nine aren't due for almost four hours, just drop me at Reids on 7th Street and I'll take a little walk  to Grandview and crash."

"Naw man, I'm good."

"Bite me, Rahim. Everything is going so cool, I want everyone to have as fine a relationship as Marlena and I do, and officially will in another week. Call her back, tell her I needed to crash so you're free for a while. Y'know, Marlena pulled a joint that tasted exactly like this shit of yours when we were doing the Platinum Fury thing over Texas..."

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